Eacdg - Blandings 27 May 2023

Results when available

Note live results during the event are provisional and may change as info comes in and any mistakes corrected

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DocumentDoc date/time
Blandings A section 2023..27-May-2023 16:15:52
Blandings Sec B Inner 23 -v2..27-May-2023 15:37:31
Blandings VSE Sec B 23- V2..27-May-2023 14:05:28
Blandings sec B 23..24-May-2023 19:18:47
Cones26-May-2023 16:42:25
Dressage - Draft 222-May-2023 10:10:48
Marathon - Draft 727-May-2023 17:16:41
Numbers To Print22-May-2023 09:36:43
Obs1-625-May-2023 11:56:44
Schedule22-May-2023 09:35:28
VSE Obs1-423-May-2023 20:43:43
cones time allowed26-May-2023 16:41:10

VSE-Small Obstacles

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