BHC Glebe House Events 24-25 July 2021

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Please note all results are live and provisional until signed off by PoJ

An Equine Health Status Declaration MUST be completed online for EACH horse entered in the show in the 24 hours before you depart for the show. Click here

You must send a photograph of each horse passport showing the Equine Flu vaccination record to by 22 July 2021

If you have not completed these two steps prior to arrival, you WILL NOT be permitted on the show ground.

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Dressage numbers to print21-Jul-2021 16:29:33
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EvoSmall Timetable Issue120-Jul-2021 17:48:09
Glebe Map14-Jul-2021 11:34:00
Glebe Obstacles Drawings - revised and flags23-Jul-2021 19:17:15
Glebe Welcome Letter 202121-Jul-2021 16:29:39
Marathon Numbers to print22-Apr-2021 11:33:00
Regional and club cones times and distances Issue 123-Jul-2021 17:09:12
Regional and club dressage timetable issue2a22-Jul-2021 17:08:15
Regional and club marathon timetable issue123-Jul-2021 17:04:40
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Schedule Regional Glebe House12-Jul-2021 08:11:20
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