Ashfields National 11 June 2021

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Please note all results are provisional until signed off by PoJ

Marathon times and maps and obstacle diagrams are all subject to TD's approval

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Ashfields_Covid06-Jun-2021 11:58:54
Cones Map Nat June 2107-Jun-2021 17:51:00
Cones class timetable11-Jun-2021 15:00:06
Cones timetable run order V512-Jun-2021 17:36:42
Dressage timetable Version4 Ashfields11June202109-Jun-2021 13:22:01
Marathon sheet details National 2021 June07-Jun-2021 17:51:00
Marathon timetable Version409-Jun-2021 13:20:51
Numbers to print08-Jun-2021 12:59:18
Obs 1-308-Jun-2021 13:28:45
Obs 4-7 V208-Jun-2021 15:13:53
Section A + transfer june 2107-Jun-2021 17:51:00
Section B Main Field Directions June 2107-Jun-2021 17:51:00
Section B Main route June 21 Directions10-Jun-2021 16:42:10
Welcome letter June06-Jun-2021 12:00:57

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