Ashfields 18-20 Sept 2020 National

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Competitor Number List Ashfields18Sept2020 draft307-Sep-2020 14:11:41
Cones time allowed19-Sep-2020 17:27:40
Cones times draft7 Ashfields18Sept202019-Sep-2020 17:46:31
Covid Notes09-Sep-2020 17:08:28
Exercise Route Sept 202014-Sep-2020 22:40:18
Marathon Nos 1-6 For Novices Howden logo09-Sep-2020 21:52:05
Marathon Nos 21 and above Harness Stuff logo 1-10009-Sep-2020 21:52:03
Ob1-4 print15-Sep-2020 08:44:43
Ob5-7 print15-Sep-2020 09:07:20
Obs1 Bridge14-Sep-2020 22:36:45
Obs2 Hut14-Sep-2020 22:37:03
Obs3 Wigwams14-Sep-2020 22:37:19
Obs4 Mound14-Sep-2020 22:37:36
Obs5 Water14-Sep-2020 22:37:52
Obs6 Woods14-Sep-2020 22:38:08
Obs7 The Wheel14-Sep-2020 22:38:24
Section A Ashfields National Sept14-Sep-2020 22:38:41
Section AB flags and km lists14-Sep-2020 22:41:59
Section B Inner Ashfields National Sept14-Sep-2020 22:39:00
Section B Main route v216-Sep-2020 09:24:24
Timetable Dressage draft5 Ashfields18Sept202014-Sep-2020 18:48:27
Timetable Marathon draft5 Ashfields18Sept202014-Sep-2020 18:49:24
WELCOME LETTER 202009-Sep-2020 21:52:26