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HDT watchJanet Pilling22-12-11  11:20 pm
Extreme driving at OlympiaMinta WInn21-12-11  6:52 pm
Marathon Carriage for 13hhJane Wilson19-12-11  9:16 am
A Question- Cold BackedGemma Smith12-12-11  4:43 pm
Boyd Excell on Radio 2Stephen Jones8-12-11  11:53 pm
Need advice plleeaaassseeeeeJulian Richards5-12-11  10:32 am
Shafts *Chrome Plating*Lesley Goodden4-12-11  9:16 pm
Why no report on World Cup Driving???Rosemary Neale2-12-11  11:20 pm
Training for Trials weekend Ashfield's!!Carole Redgrave30-11-11  7:24 pm
Does Anyone Drive a Trakener???Frances Collings26-11-11  7:07 pm
Work experience placement wanted, HampshireTanya Manser25-11-11  6:04 pm
Horse & Hound wants show datesFiona Powell24-11-11  2:52 pm
LONDON HARNESS HORSE PARADE ")!"Rita Bundock23-11-11  11:37 am
Equitana Down UnderJanice Gorick18-11-11  10:32 pm
'Guest' advertisersCarole Redgrave27 17-11-11  6:48 pm
Leather or synthetic harness?Ginny White10 16-11-11  2:47 pm
Boyd Exell long-reining pony pair lesson at EquitanaFiona Powell14-11-11  9:57 am
Cones markers?Maxine Ingham13-11-11  7:49 am
S'Hertogenboshsara clough12-11-11  11:05 am
Driving reins with handlesJoe Hodgson11 9-11-11  3:01 pm
Bennington shaftsDenise Bartlett27-10-11  8:21 pm
CongratulationsJanet Pilling27-10-11  4:37 pm
Weston ParkTony Gregory27-10-11  10:53 am
Old film Patti Atkinson25-10-11  7:53 pm
Training for TrialsMarisa Pinnock24-10-11  9:54 am
NEDTL Dinner DanceAlwin Harrison23-10-11  4:37 am
Alternative AwardsCarole Redgrave20-10-11  8:38 am
Rein RailDenise Bartlett18-10-11  4:33 pm
Starter vehicle?Caroline Gill12 16-10-11  11:33 am
Transportation for carriageDot Ross13-10-11  10:51 pm
New Drivers' Championship ProposalChristine Twigg13 12-10-11  2:02 pm
Ponies pulling away from poleKaren Bassett10 11-10-11  5:50 pm
Pleasure drive routesJanet Pilling15 9-10-11  10:06 am
AshfieldsTim Bradford8-10-11  5:35 pm
Hello and best type of cartlynsey TYTE7-10-11  9:43 pm
"PETITION" Please sign - Getting Bridleways Passed as Restricted By...Joe Hodgson7-10-11  1:37 pm
Bellcrown single vehicleJanet Williams6-10-11  5:32 pm
Photographers at BHDTA Championships & Ashfieldsavril munson4-10-11  7:05 am
Driving Back To SportChristopher Priestle3-10-11  5:57 pm
Will Membership Fees have to be increased significantly next year?Vic Kusin29-09-11  9:14 pm
James RobsonJames Robson29-09-11  2:30 pm
World Pony Driving ChampionshipsKaty Stewart27-09-11  6:45 pm
Mary Jane CampbellWendy Peckham26-09-11  10:02 am
Can grooms lean?Patti Atkinson10 26-09-11  8:34 am
AachenJames Robson14 25-09-11  10:09 pm
LIVE COVERAGEGeoff Kay11 25-09-11  7:31 pm
Protack/Carts2Go exercise vehiclesMary Baker22-09-11  2:54 pm
Thank you Liz Harcombe19-09-11  9:02 pm
Slow Moving VehicleHannah Crane19-09-11  4:08 pm
Thanks from SheilaSheila Hawking19-09-11  3:44 pm
National Championships WindsorDavid Titmuss17-09-11  9:39 pm
The Demise of HolkerLouise McCutcheon16-09-11  4:38 pm
EACDG Champs at Ashfields this weekendJoan Goodwin16-09-11  2:09 pm
Groom wanted for dressage & cones, EACDG 17 SeptFiona Powell15-09-11  6:26 pm
Groom needed for Escrick parkKathleen Upsall14-09-11  7:28 am
National Championships - a mentionJanice Gorick13-09-11  11:30 pm
Inharness magazine & photographers at WindsorJanice Gorick13-09-11  11:28 pm
EACDG Club Championships - everyone's welcome!Fiona Powell12-09-11  6:36 pm
Carriage driving as part of GCSE PECaroline Gill10-09-11  7:48 pm
Changing Bridle Paths where practical to restricted bywaysJanet Williams8-09-11  10:06 am
Breda European ChampionshipsFiona Powell7-09-11  10:45 am
Priorities for 2012Clare Iveagh6-09-11  11:45 pm
Obstacle Driving "Course error"Martyn Willis6-09-11  4:15 pm
Simon's BlogMinta WInn5-09-11  9:23 pm
Who can recommend a good teacher?Denise Bartlett10 5-09-11  7:09 pm
Time for expansion?Janet Pilling5-09-11  9:58 am
Conty ResultsDot Willcoxson31-08-11  10:30 pm
Young horses aiming for HDTJanet Pilling30-08-11  1:40 pm
King of the Cones - the finished trophy, a facebook page and a new ...Nic & Libby Castle29-08-11  11:53 am
Helping At The NationalsJulia Crockford28-08-11  7:33 pm
URGENT - CAN YOU HELP? Take Scoreboard trailer to Nat Champs.Rita Bundock27-08-11  10:58 am
More on presentation and 10s - marathon clothes?Kathleen Upsall26-08-11  1:51 pm
Helping At The NationalsFiona Powell26-08-11  10:11 am
Conty start timesVic Kusin25-08-11  9:24 pm
Backstepper neededEmily Ham24-08-11  10:52 pm
Beginner - Help needed starting out!Charlotte Kingsley24-08-11  9:39 pm
Damaged holly whipSusan Walker24-08-11  9:44 am
World Pairs ChampionshipsPhillip Reeves23-08-11  8:34 pm
National ChampionshipsGeorgina Hunt23-08-11  12:58 am
Junior and Para Championships at HenburyGuy Benest22-08-11  9:07 pm
New Club in Mid WalesMartyn Willis22-08-11  5:30 pm
In praise of grooms...Janice Gorick19-08-11  1:59 am
Looking for...Jayne Coales18-08-11  7:35 am
BHDTA Conference - we need your viewsMike Watts17-08-11  2:43 pm
That elusive '10'Rosemary Neale17 17-08-11  1:28 pm
European Championships - BredaJanet Pilling16-08-11  12:14 am
Heart MonitorsEmily Ham15-08-11  5:23 pm
HolkerPat Cooper14-08-11  10:01 pm
Hooray for Holker - results up "live" Eileen Cornish13 9-08-11  9:23 pm
A King and Queen of the Cones at HolkerNic & Libby Castle8-08-11  10:45 am
Washing a harnessSusan Walker7-08-11  10:02 am
ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP OFFERRita Bundock4-08-11  8:37 pm
CHAMPIONSHIPS SPECIAL OFFERRita Bundock4-08-11  5:40 pm
Our forests are still in danger! You can help...Fiona Powell3-08-11  9:44 am
Last minute.comRupert Barnard2-08-11  8:53 pm
Odd question...Joe Hodgson29-07-11  1:32 am
Erdigg 2011Georgina Hunt14 27-07-11  11:26 pm
King of the Cones ErddigJames Lewis25-07-11  8:11 pm
RuelsMartyn Willis24-07-11  2:39 pm
ICKD FormatDean Shelton23-07-11  6:44 pm
Horse rushing!!Fiona Powell21-07-11  10:13 am
Marathon scoresMike Watts20-07-11  6:25 pm
Help!! Tow from Errdig to Holker area neededEileen Cornish19-07-11  9:50 pm
Falling down at AllertonJulian Richards18-07-11  6:15 pm
Sandringham NationalSamantha van der San11 17-07-11  9:52 am
INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS DVDFiona Powell15-07-11  9:08 pm
Spares kitJackie Herd14-07-11  4:17 pm
Videos of CattonJanice Gorick13-07-11  9:10 am
Catton Queen of the ConesNic & Libby Castle11-07-11  2:50 pm
Russian TroikaSusan Walker11-07-11  2:29 pm
Harness sizeNicolette Hughes11-07-11  1:28 pm
Possible ScamChristine Twigg7-07-11  11:10 am
Replacing tyre on metal wheelRupert Barnard5-07-11  4:56 pm
How old is she??Nicolette Hughes5-07-11  12:44 pm
Hartland CarriageJoe Hodgson30-06-11  10:51 pm
Holker 2011Eileen Cornish30-06-11  11:16 am
Cracked Heels? Liz Harcombe28-06-11  8:42 pm
Which arena surface?Fiona Powell28-06-11  6:56 pm
Driving at OlympiaFrances Collings28-06-11  5:48 pm
Queen f the Cones Sandringham HDT 2011Nic & Libby Castle28-06-11  5:20 pm
FootrestD Paffett27-06-11  9:26 pm
How to get startedJane Wilson11 27-06-11  10:04 am
Average times- pre noviceJane Wilson15 27-06-11  9:56 am
Crinkly Camp at AshfieldsBill Page21-06-11  7:24 am
Dressage PresentationWendy Peckham20-06-11  4:34 pm
Why we should never leave the driving seat while the horse/horses a...Louise McCutcheon20-06-11  12:03 pm
Backstepper Available to any one for HolkerJoe Hodgson19-06-11  9:09 pm
Which insurance/licence would be needed?Joe Hodgson19-06-11  9:08 pm
Extending axlesFiona Powell18-06-11  9:30 am
Thankyou Mike!Caroline Gill16-06-11  9:44 am
The Aussies are back!Fiona Powell15-06-11  9:02 am
Young drivers campMinta WInn11-06-11  11:52 am
Groom needed for Catton and Erddiglynda christian9-06-11  10:29 pm
Jackets for dressageJane Wilson12 8-06-11  5:50 pm
Repairing a Holly whip?Jackie Jackson5-06-11  5:12 pm
2011 ChampionshipsVic Kusin5-06-11  9:39 am
Sport Essex May's photo competition - at ElvedenFiona Powell3-06-11  1:43 pm
Sandringham Sally Moreton2-06-11  8:40 am
National ChampionshipsRita Bundock1-06-11  11:26 am
Bitless carriage DrivingStef Nuttall31-05-11  9:23 pm
Hopetoun ResultsJulie Hoskyns31-05-11  2:24 pm
Fitness for small ponies, heart rate monitoringJo Hodges30-05-11  3:45 pm
SandringhamGraham Cooper28-05-11  8:21 am
Missing threadJames Robson26-05-11  5:00 pm
Thank You NEHDTLLouise McCutcheon26-05-11  10:26 am
National Vaccination MonthGinny White25-05-11  1:38 pm
NNQ at OffchurchWendy Peckham25-05-11  10:14 am
MDTG New venue!Wendy Peckham25-05-11  10:07 am
A few questions..Alysha Lane22-05-11  7:04 pm
Advice pleaseMartyn Willis20-05-11  10:34 am
BDS TrecJanice Gorick20-05-11  10:26 am
Royal Windsor VideosJanice Gorick20-05-11  10:03 am
Lord Onslow has passed awayTanya Porter18-05-11  1:18 pm
Khunle Carriage wheelsTerry Tomasik17-05-11  6:51 pm
Photos from Biggarshiels eventDot Ross17-05-11  2:35 pm
Help with bearings for KhunleTom Callahan17-05-11  12:53 am
Competence Card for Young DriverRuth Auton16-05-11  10:20 pm
HGV driversJulie Hoskyns16-05-11  9:35 pm
Marathon time calculator - iphone etcLiz Harcombe15-05-11  8:30 pm
King of the Cones - Ashfields.Nic & Libby Castle11-05-11  5:34 pm
Charity Evening Drive June 7th Threapwood Malpas leaving at 6.30pmMary Queenie Bridge11-05-11  12:56 pm
Which winch?! Caroline Gill11-05-11  9:48 am
BHDTA CoursesJRB10-05-11  11:24 am
Barefoot driving - do you use boots?JRB10-05-11  11:03 am
Carriage weight / sizesDot Ross9-05-11  8:15 pm
NATIONAL RESULTSMike Watts9-05-11  7:47 pm
Flodden edge farmbinakaradia6-05-11  7:54 am
King of the Cones 2011Nic & Libby Castle5-05-11  3:46 pm
Help needed at ElverdonDanielle Twitchen5-05-11  3:11 pm
Nationals at AshfieldsAnne Perry5-05-11  7:33 am
Desperate! Friday groom for AshfieldsDilys Gordon3-05-11  10:32 am
Congratulations to BoydJoe Hodgson1-05-11  10:39 pm
Zilco harness supplierTara Hill29-04-11  2:52 pm
Ashfield National Qualifier - Groom neededDilys Gordon27-04-11  11:08 pm
Training at CattonMick Ward26-04-11  3:44 pm
Driving TuitionCharlotte Adams-lane22-04-11  7:37 pm
Horse will not bend on left reinspud taylor20-04-11  9:10 pm
Can I dismantle a Bellcrown?Sue Baldock20-04-11  4:41 pm
FEI proposes changes to WEGChristopher Priestle19-04-11  11:16 am
Pony HeightAlysha Lane15-04-11  8:45 am
Groom needed at AshfieldsJulia Liles13-04-11  12:09 am
New and lookingfor trails, events lancsFiona Powell12-04-11  9:28 pm
Stop watchesNicolette Hughes12-04-11  7:14 am
Groom needed for dress/cones at Ashfields (team)Danielle Twitchen11-04-11  3:56 pm
Need a groom? Want to be a groom? Use the forum!Fiona Powell7-04-11  11:20 am
Sport England SurveyPatti Atkinson5-04-11  9:08 pm
Would you clip/trim a hackneys feather on legs for HDT?Joe Hodgson5-04-11  6:26 pm
Novice turnout ???Denise Bartlett31-03-11  8:15 pm
Indoor ChampsAlysha Lane28-03-11  9:02 pm
Club Driver Challenge 2011Martyn Willis28-03-11  8:31 pm
Driving Trials and WPEC mentioned on BBC World Service RadioChristopher Priestle27-03-11  8:59 pm
UKCC TRAINING DAYWendy Peckham25-03-11  10:41 am
Groom Available & also Pet/House sittingHelen24-03-11  1:25 am
Advice please on choice of exercise vehicleJackie Jackson22-03-11  8:50 pm
Start feesGraham Hudson13 22-03-11  6:28 pm
Start FeesLouise McCutcheon21-03-11  11:00 am
Fire extinguishers Louise McCutcheon16-03-11  3:31 pm
BROLLARNaomi Harbach14-03-11  7:55 pm
Driving instructor wanted- North DevonClare Luhr14-03-11  2:38 pm
Up-dates on web siteVic Kusin13-03-11  10:52 pm
Help with overnight parking St AlbansDean Shelton10-03-11  3:06 pm
Large over reach bootsViki Edmondson10-03-11  12:48 am
Trainer near Cambridge needed!!Fiona Powell9-03-11  10:24 pm
Carriage driving instruction wanted - dorset/hants/wiltsMichelle Winkworth-P8-03-11  9:33 pm
Competing in 2011Barbara Kingsley-Mon8-03-11  7:06 pm
FREE ADVERTISING BY PROFESSIONALScharlotte snow6-03-11  9:29 pm
ClippersVic Kusin4-03-11  10:18 am
Experianced drivers with some spare time?! - no, not a joke?!!!Jane Isaac2-03-11  6:53 pm
Some help pleaseMartin 25-02-11  1:20 pm
2011 Outdoor EventsFiona Powell24-02-11  8:53 pm
What to do to compete in pairs class?Martyn Willis23-02-11  6:38 pm
Can anyone break my horse to drive???? Midlands :-)...liz rodgers23-02-11  1:09 pm
How would you put padding on a pairs pole?Joe Hodgson18-02-11  5:45 pm
Combined Pony Championships Holiday in SloveniaFrances Collings16-02-11  10:01 am
Recommendation - harness maker/repairpaul mckeever15-02-11  8:58 am
Follow Up to Thesis Project SurveyElliott Crompton14-02-11  12:34 am
Rita@indoor compsheather watt13-02-11  2:18 am
Anyone used a saddle chariotFiona Powell10-02-11  8:17 pm
New Portable stable drainage rubber matsLouise McCutcheon19 4-02-11  1:25 pm
WebsitesVic Kusin3-02-11  10:56 pm
Horse Carriage Thesis ProjectElliott Crompton2-02-11  6:06 pm
Portabile stablematsDeano Smith2-02-11  4:47 pm
Side StableDanielle Twitchen31-01-11  1:21 pm
Driving in AmericaMaggi Tyler30-01-11  3:04 pm
Polish WarmbloodsJo Foster27-01-11  12:11 pm
New driverGeraldine Cox27-01-11  12:50 am
BitElinor Steven25-01-11  10:08 am
Pairs sizingNicolette Hughes24-01-11  2:13 pm
Junior World Champs on TVAmanda Nisbet23-01-11  8:34 pm
Novice TestPatti Atkinson21-01-11  7:20 pm
Portable stabling: How much weight does it add?Joe Hodgson14-01-11  12:48 pm
Forum maintenance Monday/Tuesday Jan 10/11Vic Kusin11-01-11  7:05 pm
Carriage sizing help pleaseFrances Collings13 8-01-11  10:10 pm
TheftVic Kusin26-12-10  9:02 pm
Delayed steeringDuncan Seth-Smith15-12-10  10:29 pm
HAY STEAMERSViki Edmondson7-12-10  11:38 pm
Pony earsGeoff Kay6-12-10  10:59 am
Marathon Times CalculatorMike Arnold2-12-10  3:50 pm
No Time for Percentages?Janet Pilling1-12-10  6:26 pm
Easy & Quick Electric Fencing - Discount SchemeFrances Collings28-11-10  4:25 pm
New rubber on wheelsFiona Powell24-11-10  2:28 pm
Tandem set upAnne Dickens15-11-10  7:43 pm
What went on at the conferenceMinta WInn14-11-10  6:57 pm
Novice needing help - surreyJackie Ellis14-11-10  4:52 pm
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