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16.2 KWPN Viki Edmondson17-09-12  7:23 pm
Bennington B4 - Single Horse s14.2 -16.2hhMandy Colbourne17-09-12  1:00 pm
Ivor Williams 505 FOR SALESimon Heath17-09-12  12:07 am
15.3hh 4 white socks gelding for salelisa wallace16-09-12  10:41 pm
Cart and harness WANTEDFiona Durdy15-09-12  10:02 pm
Lipizzaner pairAdrian MacLeod14-09-12  9:22 pm
Neopolitano NadorAdrian MacLeod14-09-12  9:14 pm
Full CollarJoanna Buick14-09-12  1:06 am
Zilco Shetland SL Sportz HarnessGuest13-09-12  10:38 pm
WANTED cob size driving bridlesJoe Hodgson12-09-12  10:18 pm
Wipe Clean HarnessJames Lewis12-09-12  7:07 pm
Optimum Stop watch for sale Jane Mermod11-09-12  5:26 pm
WANTED Hartland Pleasure Sport or similarlinda sumpner11-09-12  11:00 am
Welsh Section D MareSue Hargreaves10-09-12  12:44 pm
Tande HarnessSteve Nichols10-09-12  10:52 am
Rene Schoop Competition Carriage for saleSarah Baverstock9-09-12  3:19 pm
Bennington 4-wheelerGuest9-09-12  12:43 pm
New Ifor Williams Stabling Trailerchris manger8-09-12  7:41 pm
Empathy collar (swap needed please)Natalie Briggs8-09-12  10:30 am
Empathy collar (swap needed please)Natalie Briggs8-09-12  10:26 am
Super safe Driving mareRobin Smith8-09-12  8:22 am
Pony Bridle Very Good QualityRene Schoop7-09-12  1:38 pm
Brand New Riding HatRene Schoop7-09-12  1:04 pm
Carriage Lamps KuhnleRene Schoop7-09-12  11:48 am
Bennington B1 for saleChristine Twigg6-09-12  8:51 pm
KWPN Ride/DriveGeoff Brown5-09-12  8:44 am
2 x 13.2's.Emma Burton4-09-12  4:25 pm
Jacket and hatJane Wilson4-09-12  10:06 am
Cob size zilco blinkers wantedJackie Ellis4-09-12  12:31 am
Small pony pairs harness unusedGuest2-09-12  9:51 pm
Carriage Trailer with stablingMarisa Pinnock2-09-12  10:54 am
Driving Pony For Sale.Guest1-09-12  9:52 pm
Pony Pair Rene Schoop HarnessRene Schoop1-09-12  12:11 pm
Brand New Zilco Harnbess Parts - BARGAINRene Schoop1-09-12  11:43 am
Brand New Single Shetland Leather ReinsRene Schoop1-09-12  11:38 am
Brand New Single Webbing ReinsRene Schoop1-09-12  11:38 am
Brand New Pair Webbing ReinsRene Schoop1-09-12  11:38 am
WANTED Butterfly Pelham Mullen Mouth HappyJoe Hodgson30-08-12  11:14 pm
Bennington Single Pony 4 Wheeler for Sale Jane Mermod30-08-12  8:58 pm
MatsDeano Smith30-08-12  8:18 pm
Zilco Classic Pony Harness - Black Guest30-08-12  2:02 pm
Pony Pair Presentation Harness for saleChristine Twigg29-08-12  9:44 pm
Wanted 13-13.2 driving ponyBeverley Birch29-08-12  11:41 am
Welsh C mareTanya Jupp29-08-12  8:10 am
Pony size whipsChristine Twigg28-08-12  4:42 pm
Empathy Coller For Sale Jane Mermod27-08-12  1:39 pm
Lamps for SaleMrs Jane Mermod27-08-12  12:48 pm
Bits for sale Christine Twigg27-08-12  10:16 am
Rene Schoop harness with brass fittingsChristine Twigg25-08-12  1:44 pm
Single horse three phase WANTEDKathleen Upsall24-08-12  9:38 pm
WBR Pony Pairs Marathon carriage for SaleGemma Smith24-08-12  5:50 pm
Disabled Easy Access CarriageRene Schoop24-08-12  1:31 pm
Youngster WantedGemma Smith23-08-12  2:01 pm
Tedman padMaria Conneely23-08-12  12:38 pm
Wanted 4 wheel carriageclare etheridge22-08-12  9:08 pm
Carriage for saleColin Allen22-08-12  8:19 pm
Hartland Hi-tech pony pairs harness for saleMark Cobden22-08-12  7:39 pm
ENGLISH LEATHER PONY TRACESRita Bundock22-08-12  11:35 am
Synthetic trace carriers wanted Frances Collings21-08-12  10:00 pm
Kuhnle Carriage for SaleJane Smith21-08-12  6:41 pm
Mobile home for saleHelen Bridges21-08-12  10:10 am
Horseboxdavid browne20-08-12  4:21 pm
Cumbrian Dressage Carriage For SaleGemma Smith20-08-12  4:05 pm
HarnessMaria Conneely20-08-12  3:17 pm
Help wanted with carriage driving horse near SevonoaksChristine Hodge19-08-12  10:37 pm
Hillam trailer extentionGuest19-08-12  2:52 pm
13'3 Pony for loanJoanna Bassett18-08-12  2:09 pm
For sale Andi Rutledge18-08-12  9:42 am
13.2 Fell Ride and Drive GeldingAlan Wilkinson17-08-12  10:54 pm
2 WHEELED EXERCISE CART WANTEDGuest16-08-12  9:07 am
WANTED 4 wheel carriage suit 12 hand pair.J Saiers15-08-12  8:51 pm
Zilco classic single pony harness for salePamela Neill15-08-12  1:02 pm
Bellcrown Q4 DebutElaine Thompson14-08-12  9:06 am
Wanted pair of 15.2 + Steph Brumwell14-08-12  8:30 am
Ride and drive kwpnGuest12-08-12  8:01 pm
Ifor Williams HB511 + carriage extension for saleNicolette Hughes12-08-12  1:30 pm
Wanted 2 wheelerLouise Garnham11-08-12  12:21 pm
Bellcrown 2 wheeltony busson9-08-12  6:14 pm
Hartland versatile Guest9-08-12  3:03 pm
FOR SALE Rice Beaufort Double Trailer 76Linda King8-08-12  9:44 pm
New Hartland Pony Pair HarnessRita Bundock8-08-12  8:39 pm
QuadsDeano Smith8-08-12  7:55 pm
Box trailer for saleMargi Hawkins8-08-12  7:13 pm
Pug puppy for saleDi Hayes7-08-12  8:19 pm
Wanted - 4 wheel vehicle for 11hhCharlotte Chard7-08-12  9:24 am
Shetland/ small pony zilco empathy collarKelly Stewart6-08-12  11:00 pm
Road Legal QuadMartyn Willis6-08-12  9:52 pm
CARRIAGE FOUR WHEELERandrea wooley6-08-12  3:58 pm
For Sale - Bennington Baby BuggyGuest5-08-12  6:14 pm
Bennington B4D. Lucas5-08-12  11:14 am
Brass lampsPhillip Reeves4-08-12  9:28 pm
Wanted - 2 wheel carriageMike Hodgson4-08-12  8:17 pm
Full Time Groom Wanted - Paid PositionJames Broome4-08-12  4:51 pm
Bit WantedGuest3-08-12  11:06 am
Wanted Bennington Fun BugLynda Smith2-08-12  12:59 pm
Empathy Collar for saleGuest1-08-12  2:52 pm
Empathy CollarGuest1-08-12  2:51 pm
2012 Super Quality Hay Bales - LincsCarrie1-08-12  10:11 am
Stunning 11hd Black Gelding - Ride/DriveLisa middleton31-07-12  8:37 pm
Bits for SaleJanet Sycamore31-07-12  5:40 pm
Wanted - short term loan 13.2-14.2 schoolmasterAndi Rutledge30-07-12  6:40 pm
Wanted - Zilco Debut Harness Guest29-07-12  9:35 pm
Pony carriagelynda mcmullen29-07-12  3:01 pm
Wanted - Harness + 4 Wheel Vehicle 13 - 14hdsLisa middleton28-07-12  10:07 pm
yard kittensHelen Bridges28-07-12  1:23 pm
For Sale New Abbey Bits- BargainFrances Collings27-07-12  3:25 pm
Ride and drive pony for saleLouise Garnham26-07-12  7:45 pm
For sale Tedman Duraweb harness 13.2 to 15.2Kelly Stewart26-07-12  7:25 pm
Horse Pair for saleGuest26-07-12  2:51 pm
For Sale seat suspension unitJoe Hodgson25-07-12  3:00 pm
7.5 ton MAN Horsebox For SaleSara Simmons24-07-12  7:45 pm
Cob/Full Harness For SaleJanice Evenett24-07-12  10:05 am
Rodney Powell Back ProtectorLinda King24-07-12  9:38 am
Wanted - Marathon Team BarsJan Fair24-07-12  8:01 am
Cones for saleColin Allen23-07-12  7:30 pm
Harness For SaleJane Pritchard22-07-12  6:52 pm
ReinsGuest22-07-12  2:30 pm
Pony for long term loanJoanna Bassett21-07-12  9:59 pm
CarriageEmily Ham21-07-12  11:31 am
Wanted - pony 4-wheeler with side by side seat Janet Pilling21-07-12  10:56 am
WANTED Bennington 2 wheel to suit 12 - 13 hGuest20-07-12  7:45 pm
For Sale: Ifor Williams 610 trailerGuest20-07-12  7:34 pm
World Class Pony for SalesJames Broome20-07-12  5:37 pm
2004 Bennington Buccaneer for Sale (with brakes)Carrie18-07-12  9:25 pm
Welsh Section B 5 years filly for saleTrevor Wear18-07-12  2:48 pm
STOLEN ! ZGBNicolette Hughes18-07-12  11:36 am
Shetland empathy collar for saleSioux Gardner17-07-12  8:39 pm
Vehicle to fit 14.2hh New ForestKelly Stewart16-07-12  11:25 pm
WANTED - Empathy collar for ponyGuest16-07-12  10:30 pm
Shetland harness for saleSioux Gardner16-07-12  9:53 pm
Empathy Collar for saleGuest10 16-07-12  8:32 pm
Perfect Shetland Pony for LoanJoanna Bassett16-07-12  7:57 pm
Pony/Horse Trailer For SaleAlan Hodges14-07-12  10:03 pm
Pairs brollars for saleSuki Linnitt14-07-12  8:19 pm
Wanted shetland empathy collar and harnessSioux Gardner14-07-12  5:42 pm
WANTED - single seat for bellcrownNatalie Briggs14-07-12  2:46 pm
4.6 ton iveco horse lorry for saleGuest13-07-12  11:45 pm
Wanted driving bits 5 3/4 and 6 inchMaggy Barber13-07-12  7:08 pm
Cob size empathy collar wantedKathleen Upsall13-07-12  4:10 pm
Ifor trailerHelen Bridges13-07-12  11:28 am
Zilco breast collar to fit cobSusan Walker12-07-12  6:06 pm
Cones WantedLinda King12-07-12  9:17 am
Wanted: bitsMaggy Barber11-07-12  12:01 pm
Brand new Zilco Marathon Harness- XLargeCarole Redgrave9-07-12  4:57 pm
Rene Schoop presentation carriageGuest8-07-12  8:44 pm
Huskinsons Patent Pairs collarsjackie parkinson8-07-12  6:18 pm
HYUNDAI TUSCON GRTD 2006 FOR SALESimon Heath8-07-12  4:27 pm
Pony Tandem Leader HarnessGuest7-07-12  9:47 pm
WEDDING TYPE CARRIAGEandrea wooley7-07-12  12:01 pm
DALES PONY WANTEDKathleen Upsall7-07-12  10:21 am
Land Rover Discovery2 VanPatti Atkinson5-07-12  1:56 pm
Rider required Wokingham BerkshireGuest3-07-12  11:28 am
Wanted Zilco full tracesJoe Hodgson2-07-12  4:09 pm
Ride and Drive 14hhCaroline Gill2-07-12  1:15 pm
Wanted: Registered Driving shetland/pairLiz Ostacchini1-07-12  9:11 pm
Apache quadDanielle Twitchen30-06-12  8:35 pm
Pony sized bridle wantedDanielle Twitchen30-06-12  8:33 pm
Pony leather breast collar for saleDanielle Twitchen30-06-12  8:29 pm
2 x 4 1/2" liverpool bitsDanielle Twitchen30-06-12  8:26 pm
CarriageThomas weaver30-06-12  4:16 pm
Pair Rene Schoop Coaching Breast Plates - NewRene Schoop30-06-12  3:56 pm
Brand New HearseRene Schoop30-06-12  3:56 pm
Van Der Heufel Exercise Vehicle - NewRene Schoop30-06-12  3:55 pm
Single Horse Presentation CarriageMaxine Ingham30-06-12  3:49 pm
Wanted mini shetland carriageKelly Stewart30-06-12  9:39 am
Are you looking for stable mats?Wendy Embleton30-06-12  12:02 am
FOR SALE Zilco Shetland SL Sportz breechingDawn Figg29-06-12  4:52 pm
Empathy Collar for Sale s/pony/shetlandGuest29-06-12  10:33 am
MatsJoe Hodgson26-06-12  9:50 pm
Pony Pair Tedman Harness for saleRachel Stevens26-06-12  10:46 am
Pony Pair Presentation Harness for saleRachel Stevens26-06-12  10:43 am
Bennington Pony Pair Presentation Carriage for saleGuest26-06-12  10:41 am
Bennington Harness TrolleyMaxine Ingham25-06-12  8:33 pm
Haflinger For SaleGuest22-06-12  3:47 pm
Horse pair wantedChristopher Marshall22-06-12  3:37 pm
Crome lamps wantedKathleen Upsall22-06-12  1:38 pm
Crome lamps Steph Brumwell22-06-12  11:39 am
Bennington Intro 4 wheeler Asha Appleton22-06-12  10:57 am
British Riding pony for loanSarah Smith22-06-12  9:49 am
EventwatchesDeano Smith21-06-12  7:05 pm
Bennington single carriage 12 - 3hh ponyChristine Twigg21-06-12  11:39 am
Driving pony for saleChristine Twigg21-06-12  11:36 am
2 wheeler to fit 14hhDeano Smith20-06-12  3:05 pm
HARTLAND BATMAN for saleSally O'Nion19-06-12  9:05 am
Appaloosa FillyDavid Stafford18-06-12  10:20 pm
Wanted myler bit louise nicholson 18-06-12  10:03 pm
WANTED Fenix Small Pony FlyerGuest18-06-12  7:14 pm
Shetland Tedex Harness - New in bagLisa middleton17-06-12  2:33 pm
Choice of 2 registered Section A 4yr old geldings V.Ann Jennings16-06-12  4:42 pm
3 phase pony vehicle for salelynda mcmullen16-06-12  9:27 am
Sandringham marathon backstepperPhillip Reeves15-06-12  8:33 pm
Pleasure Combined Training CarriageRene Schoop15-06-12  2:40 pm
Horsebox for saleGuest14-06-12  4:44 pm
Sycamore shetland 2 wheelerBelinda Clark12-06-12  8:41 pm
Ride and DriveSusan Skeggs12-06-12  9:01 am
Zilco classic pony pair harness 800onoEdwina Mcguigan10-06-12  11:51 pm
Complete turnoutpaul ramage11 10-06-12  1:17 pm
Wanted Backstepper & HelpLinda King10-06-12  9:54 am
Wanted driving pony 13.-13.2hhGuest9-06-12  12:41 pm
CARRIAGE FOR 15/2andrea wooley7-06-12  9:57 am
WANTED Bennington single seatSonny Hillier6-06-12  9:08 pm
Horse Pair vehicle for exercisingJill Holah6-06-12  6:36 pm
Stunning Ride and Drive for SaleAdam Wyllie5-06-12  8:29 pm
Experienced Backstepper available for rest of seasonRupert Barnard4-06-12  9:41 pm
Carriage seatGuest4-06-12  5:00 pm
Single Seat for Rene Schoop carraigePenny Bragg4-06-12  9:48 am
Wanted - long trailer for pony and carriageRuby Ashby2-06-12  5:38 pm
Spider Phaeton For SaleMartyn Willis2-06-12  12:38 pm
Team Leader Leather ReinsRene Schoop1-06-12  3:50 pm
Brand New Fully Synthetic Empathy BreastplateRene Schoop1-06-12  3:45 pm
Rene Schoop BreastplateRene Schoop1-06-12  3:39 pm
For sale HB511 Ifor Williams Horse TrailerAlan Batten1-06-12  3:17 pm
Horse Trailer with platform for carriagesue martin31-05-12  6:13 pm
Zilco Classic COB Pairs HarnessMick Boulton31-05-12  11:38 am
Breaking / exercise 2 wheeler FOR SALEJackie Ellis30-05-12  5:23 pm
Bennington fun bugJohanna Hall30-05-12  3:48 pm
7.5t Horsebox for saleDanielle Twitchen30-05-12  2:02 pm
BellcrownGuest29-05-12  10:56 pm
Iveco 75E14 for saleGuy Benest29-05-12  5:22 pm
2002 Ford Iveco 2/3 horse + Full livingTrevor Wear29-05-12  3:54 pm
WANTED - BACKSTEPPER(S)Sally Kerr28-05-12  8:54 pm
EMPATHY COLLAR WANTEDJackie Ellis27-05-12  9:48 pm
Desperatly seeking driving pony for para driver Guest27-05-12  9:35 pm
HGV Horse BoxMartyn Willis27-05-12  3:47 pm
Dalmatian Pups for Sale Nic & Libby Castle26-05-12  5:36 pm
Zilco Classic Single Full with extras 6 months oldHannah Crane24-05-12  6:48 am
Horsebox for saleCaroline Hall23-05-12  4:05 pm
WANTED 3 phase or pleasure vehicleGuest23-05-12  3:22 pm
Driving bits and reins for saleSusan Skeggs23-05-12  1:16 pm
Hartland 3 phase full sizeHannah Crane22-05-12  8:08 am
Bennington XL pony pair carriage for sale.Amanda Snowie22-05-12  8:06 am
WANTED - horse size 3 phase carriage coverJoe Hodgson21-05-12  10:56 pm
WANTED - Blue gents driving apronJoe Hodgson21-05-12  9:56 pm
Guttering for Dressage ArenaMarilyn Harding20-05-12  5:12 pm
Wanted: Driving ShetlandAlan Hodges20-05-12  1:06 pm
Full size 3 phase Hartland Exc CondKathleen Upsall19-05-12  8:21 pm
For Sale : HONDA 350 4 x4 QuadGuest19-05-12  7:51 pm
Bargain lorry for sale 7.5t!Caroline Gill19-05-12  11:53 am
Ifor Trailer ExtensionHannah Crane18-05-12  2:55 pm
CARRIAGE FOUR WHEELER andrea wooley18-05-12  2:30 pm
Hillam 2 wheelerlouise nicholson 18-05-12  2:03 pm
Rene Schoop Pair HarnessRene Schoop18-05-12  12:30 pm
All 3 Phase Competition CarriageRene Schoop18-05-12  10:18 am
Hartland Shetland Sport for saleBelinda Clark17-05-12  10:54 pm
Seconds - 50g stable rugs from Swish Joe Hodgson17-05-12  10:22 pm
WANTED for a client:Jane Wilson16-05-12  10:29 am
Shetland VehicleMargaret Brockie15-05-12  10:05 pm
ENGLISH PONY HARNESSandrea wooley15-05-12  2:01 pm
Zilco Tedex Horse Pairs Harness for SalePaula Liddon15-05-12  1:37 pm
15.2 hh pair of friesan geldingsSteph Brumwell15-05-12  10:21 am
Fenix Pony Team carriageGuest15-05-12  9:20 am
Hartland pony pairs carriageGuest15-05-12  9:13 am
Wanted Bennington 3 phase 14'2 to 15' Barbara McPhillips14-05-12  5:47 pm
Borrow a 2 wheeled exercise trap for shetlandSharon Holt14-05-12  1:21 pm
Single Horse Bennington Presentation Carriage for saleGuest13-05-12  7:53 pm
Wanted - tandem leaderGuest12-05-12  7:14 pm
Wanted Pony Driving Bridle & Pony Driving ReinsShona Marello12-05-12  3:03 pm
Wanted Non HGV Horseboxsue martin11-05-12  9:32 pm
Huskisson Full Patent Collar for saleTrevor Wear11-05-12  8:19 pm
15.3 stunning appaloosa ride and driveGuest11-05-12  6:53 pm
MAN Lorry 7.5 tonnenigel patrick10-05-12  7:56 pm
Bennington spirit new in 2011 black with silver starburst on wheelsnigel patrick10-05-12  5:42 pm
12hh coloured pony for sale excellent hdt fast in obsticalsnigel patrick10-05-12  5:32 pm
Norwegian Fjord mare for saleGuest10-05-12  9:33 am
Wanted PONY SIZE ZILCO TRACESLinda King9-05-12  9:06 pm
Wanted bennington 4 wheelerlouise nicholson 9-05-12  7:29 pm
Bennington Presentation Carriage for saleDi Hayes9-05-12  12:00 am
Hartland Pony Pairs carriage for salefrances winter8-05-12  8:51 am
Marathon groom for HopetounBarbara McPhillips7-05-12  10:44 pm
Exercise vehicle louise nicholson 7-05-12  5:59 pm
Wanted ZILCO SLIDING BACKBANDGuest7-05-12  9:49 am
Black and White Driving PairJohn Bowman6-05-12  12:39 pm
Spares KitFiona Powell5-05-12  5:18 pm
Sluis carriage trailer for sale Caroline Hall5-05-12  8:34 am
For Sale Zilco Small Pony / Shetland Empathy CollarGuest3-05-12  4:13 pm
Wanted caravan passSue Hargreaves2-05-12  6:49 pm
Wanted-2 wheeled exercise vehicleHelen Bridges2-05-12  5:04 pm
Driving Pony WantedSusan Beaman2-05-12  3:26 pm
Sec C Gelding For SaleLynn Howard1-05-12  6:10 pm
Driving filly for saleDeano Smith1-05-12  4:51 pm
Wanted bennington 46" wheelsvivien johnson1-05-12  1:50 pm
Wantedvivien johnson1-05-12  1:49 pm
Tandem Leader Presentation HarnessSue Courtney1-05-12  10:04 am
Wanted Bennington BuccaneerShona Marello1-05-12  9:45 am
Piaggio Typhoon 50 ScooterDerrick Mayes1-05-12  9:02 am
Bennington 3 phase 13hh-14hh for salePamela Neill30-04-12  12:40 pm
Pairs Harness for saleGuest29-04-12  3:38 pm
FOR SALE : Huskisson 20" Plain Black Collar with Brass HamesGuest29-04-12  1:01 pm
Abbey bits fit saleSue Courtney28-04-12  5:48 pm
BLACK APRON WANTED PLEASEGuest27-04-12  12:45 pm
WANTED Harness Display StandJoe Hodgson26-04-12  7:02 pm
Horse pairs harness almost completely new!Jill Wood26-04-12  5:06 pm
Unused pony size empathy collar!Caroline Gill26-04-12  4:58 pm
Single trap trailer needing TLC for saleJill Wood26-04-12  4:53 pm
Carriage extension for saleCaroline Parkin25-04-12  7:50 pm
3 Phase Pony Carriage Still WantedGuest25-04-12  3:03 pm
Synthetic Pairs Cob Harness Julie Litster25-04-12  11:52 am
Single Horse Dressage CarriageJudy Chard25-04-12  10:48 am
Lorry for SaleJudy Chard25-04-12  10:38 am
Carriage wantedNicolette Hughes25-04-12  9:24 am
Help needed in Godalming SurreyJackie Ellis25-04-12  9:12 am
VansDeano Smith25-04-12  7:01 am
Box Cloth ApronDot Willcoxson24-04-12  11:44 pm
15.3 stunning appaloosa Charlie needs a new home.Joy Jones24-04-12  12:30 pm
Groom and all round helper wantedDi Hayes23-04-12  7:42 pm
Camel/beige driving apron wantedFrances Collings23-04-12  6:01 pm
Carriage Driving MagazineMargaret Brockie23-04-12  5:03 pm
WANTED large bennington funbugGuest23-04-12  10:44 am
Extension bars Caroline Parkin22-04-12  10:08 pm
Wanted: Small horse 3 phase carriageJames Campbell22-04-12  8:36 am
Wanted driving ponyChristine Phillips21-04-12  1:29 pm
DrivingponyDeano Smith21-04-12  7:39 am
Ashfields BackstepperRoger Goodier20-04-12  12:54 pm
Price reduced for quick sale. 14.1hh Welsh x hackney Ride/Drive mareTrevor Wear17-04-12  6:46 pm
First avent saleDeano Smith17-04-12  12:32 pm
CarriageDeano Smith17-04-12  12:11 pm
Zilco Classic Harness Cob Size - For Sale Naomi Harbach16-04-12  10:28 pm
Black 16hh KWPN geldingSteph Brumwell16-04-12  5:20 pm
Pony size lamps for saleChristine Twigg16-04-12  7:39 am
For Sale: Cob Size Ideal Leather 3 Phase HarnessJoanne Thomas15-04-12  10:39 pm
SCHRODER BROWN FULL SIZE HARNESSJackie Ellis15-04-12  6:46 am
CARRIAGE up t 15/2Joe Hodgson14-04-12  11:40 pm
Tedman HarnessViki Edmondson14-04-12  10:45 am
Portable stable mats and matsDeano Smith13-04-12  9:02 pm
Bits and sparesAnn pearsons13-04-12  4:42 pm
SWAN necked wooden shaftsandrea wooley13-04-12  3:08 pm
Presentation vehicle suit 14hh to 14.3hhAnn pearsons13-04-12  11:41 am
Clippers for saleJill Holah13-04-12  10:18 am
Lamps for saleJill Holah13-04-12  10:14 am
Optimum time yellow and black event watchesFrances Collings13-04-12  9:31 am
Cumbria Carriages Spacer Wagon For SaleAlysha Lane12-04-12  8:43 pm
5 inch Liverpool bit wanted - loan or second handChristine Twigg11-04-12  6:44 pm
Galvanised HurdlesSue Hargreaves11-04-12  4:57 pm
HaybarSue Hargreaves11-04-12  4:56 pm
Wanted Emphathy collarD. Lucas10-04-12  4:46 pm
Harness,Holy whip, Lampsjulie10-04-12  8:38 am
Ashfields BackstepperPhillip Reeves9-04-12  10:36 pm
Harness,Holy whip, Lampsjulie9-04-12  9:52 pm
Plume holder wantedJoe Hodgson9-04-12  8:57 pm
DRIVING HORSE FOR SALEGuest9-04-12  12:13 pm
Bennington shafts wantedClaire Helmer8-04-12  9:20 pm
Black Leather Patent Harness for saleCaroline Weiss7-04-12  6:49 pm
John Macdonald pony harness For SaleClaire Helmer7-04-12  4:52 pm
Stunning Ride and Drive Competition Horse for SaleAdam Wyllie7-04-12  12:41 pm
Wanted bellcrown shaftsSusan Walker7-04-12  12:08 pm
WANTED MINI SHETLAND HARNESSRita Bundock7-04-12  11:39 am
Marathon Carriage for SaleAndrew Heaford5-04-12  5:19 pm
Bellcrown 4 wheel 3 phase carriageLiz Ostacchini4-04-12  12:02 pm
Wedge cushion WANTEDLiz Ostacchini4-04-12  9:49 am
Schoolmaster for saleSue Hargreaves3-04-12  9:47 pm
Groom for nationalsPhillip Reeves3-04-12  8:08 pm
Wanted perfect ponyLouise Garnham2-04-12  9:41 pm
wanted 41/2inch butterfly bitSusan Walker2-04-12  3:45 pm
Pneumatic Training/Exercise/Pleasure CarriageSara Simmons1-04-12  4:52 pm
WANTED - 3 phase pony carriageSam H1-04-12  4:10 pm
Harness & various bits for saleGuy Stainton1-04-12  8:56 am
Light carriage trailer wantedMaggy Barber31-03-12  8:07 pm
Ifor Williams 610 *FOR SALE*Ruth Auton30-03-12  9:22 pm
Fenix Flyer 14.2hhGuest30-03-12  3:28 pm
LORRY FOR SALE Roger Goodier29-03-12  11:38 am
Wanted, marathon vehicleHelen Bridges29-03-12  9:40 am
Wanted Lorry with Side StablingRoger Goodier29-03-12  9:37 am
Carriage trailer extensionAnne Perry28-03-12  8:27 pm
Lorry with side stabling for saleDawn Hunter28-03-12  3:47 pm
Work Placement For Experienced GirlRene Schoop28-03-12  1:38 pm
Frison PB 15.2Steph Brumwell28-03-12  10:38 am
For Sale: Cob Size Denney Dual Action Bit 4 3/4"Joanne Thomas27-03-12  9:29 pm
Charlie wylie pony pairs vehicleBarbara Patterson27-03-12  9:52 am
For Sale Charlie Wylie Pony Pairs VehicleBarbara Patterson26-03-12  8:55 pm
Wanted for a mature experienced rider and driver - Paragon of virtue!Eileen Cornish26-03-12  6:34 pm
REDUCED-REDUCED for quick sale Pony Pair/single Spyder Phaeton Pres...Trevor Wear25-03-12  8:56 pm
WANTED - Quick release tugsSam H24-03-12  2:53 pm
Bellcrown 4 wheel 3 phase carriageLiz Ostacchini24-03-12  12:44 pm
IVECO 13ton Horsebox for saleLynn Howard23-03-12  5:19 pm
Bennington Buccaneer ClassicCarol Gillings23-03-12  4:56 pm
Ride and Drive 15.2hh 5yr old hackney geldingGuest23-03-12  8:05 am
Tandem leader reins for saleDanielle Twitchen22-03-12  8:08 pm
Carriage for sale - Rap aroundGuest22-03-12  1:22 pm
For sale - Rap Around CarriageGuest22-03-12  12:41 pm
G8 HDT / GB HDTMartyn Willis19-03-12  7:51 am
13.2hh School Mistress For Sale. Ride & DriveAmber O'Neill18-03-12  9:57 pm
Kuhnle Marathon Carriage for saleJoe Hodgson18-03-12  8:43 pm
14hh 3yr old welsh d x cob for saleRoger Goodier18-03-12  6:44 pm
Equifor Webster Cob HarnessMaria Conneely18-03-12  5:49 pm
South East Farrier taking on new clientsHilly Withenshaw18-03-12  3:55 pm
15.1hh welshx blackSteph Brumwell17-03-12  10:58 pm
PHAETON TYPE CARRIAGEandrea wooley16-03-12  5:54 pm
Driving Saddle WantedJoe Hodgson14-03-12  9:28 pm
Collar wantedHelen Bridges14-03-12  2:52 pm
Non HGV DAF Horsebox For SaleMarilyn Harding14-03-12  9:53 am
Horse Pair and others for saleGuest13-03-12  7:39 pm
Wanted 13.2 - 14.2hh PonyGuest13-03-12  6:10 pm
Pony wants retirement homeRuth Auton13-03-12  5:51 pm
Stunning 13hh Welsh Section C Pony For SaleSteph Milner12-03-12  8:27 pm
4 Wheel 3 Phase Pony Single Carriage For SaleWendy Wyatt12-03-12  3:17 pm
Bellcrown for saleGuest12-03-12  9:42 am
Windowchris manger11-03-12  9:41 pm
Wanted - Collar / Brollar for donkey - 12.2hhrosemary holt11-03-12  8:38 pm
Can you help?Alice Pritchard11-03-12  10:18 am
Fenix FlyerAlice Pritchard11-03-12  10:14 am
CaravanD. Lucas10-03-12  7:30 pm
4 WHEELER CARRIAGE FOR SALESam H10-03-12  6:41 pm
Wanted 3 phase pony pair carriagePenelope Brooke8-03-12  7:41 pm
Kieffer Combi Harness Small Pony singleRosemary Neale8-03-12  7:02 pm
Single horse 3 phase vehicleJames Lewis8-03-12  6:25 pm
Wanted 3 phase pony pair carriageRupert Barnard7-03-12  11:17 pm
Pretty Welsh A needs a home?Fiona Powell7-03-12  9:38 pm
For SaleAndrew Duckett7-03-12  8:32 pm
John McDoanld pony harness for sale.michael gray7-03-12  7:26 pm
LORRY FOR SALEJoanna Broadbent7-03-12  5:50 pm
Pair wanted 15.1 Steph Brumwell7-03-12  2:22 pm
Bennington Overlander for saleLynn Howard7-03-12  12:38 pm
Driving Horse WantedDavid Hewat7-03-12  11:58 am
Auction of one night Bed & Breakfast in Suffolk for charityJo Foster6-03-12  8:48 pm
Pony harness for saleLouise Garnham6-03-12  8:39 pm
ENGLISH black pony harnessLouise Garnham6-03-12  8:36 pm
Bennington 4 wheel carriage for saleGuest6-03-12  4:55 pm
Zilco SL Single Driving Harness Shetland / Small Pony SizeLiz Ostacchini6-03-12  11:19 am
2 wheeled Hillam (or similar) wanted for shetlandSharon Holt6-03-12  10:41 am
Loan Ponies for British Young DriversAnna Grayston10 6-03-12  8:23 am
FOR SALE Black Patent/ Brass. Full collar english leather single ...Robin Hyde-Chambers5-03-12  2:27 pm
Brand new wick away fleece rugSue Martin4-03-12  2:19 pm
Pony synthetic harnessSue Martin4-03-12  2:14 pm
BellcrownJane Smith4-03-12  1:11 pm
Pony bridle for saleHelen Bridges1-03-12  9:23 pm
Trailers for saleGuest1-03-12  9:15 pm
Full collars for saleNicola Blandin1-03-12  1:57 pm
Ifor Williams HB505 trailer with carriage extensionGuest29-02-12  9:05 pm
2 x cob size leather harnessDanielle Twitchen29-02-12  7:43 pm
Pony team leader reinsDanielle Twitchen29-02-12  7:42 pm
Pairs pole for a hartlandGuest28-02-12  9:37 am
ZILCO CLASSIC HARNESSGuest28-02-12  8:27 am
Zilco Classic Cob size breastplateCarol Gillings27-02-12  7:48 pm
Wanted bellcrown hub capSue Courtney27-02-12  11:13 am
Zilco Classic padCarol Gillings26-02-12  8:35 pm
Zilco Classic Pony Harness For SaleTara Hill26-02-12  8:06 pm
Section A harness wantedDenise Bartlett26-02-12  7:16 pm
Harness for saleHelen Bridges26-02-12  11:16 am
Anyone going to Reading Carriage SalesChristine Twigg25-02-12  11:20 am
14.2 piebald cob for saleHelen Bridges24-02-12  4:42 pm
WANTED 14.2 - 15.2 DRIVING GELDINGharriet barker24-02-12  4:05 pm
Safe Buying and SellingMike Watts24-02-12  2:04 pm
Bits for saleSue Martin23-02-12  7:41 pm
Hillam Trailer ExtensionCarol Gillings23-02-12  5:22 pm
Wanted 12.2 - 12.3 ride and driveRay Aziz23-02-12  2:16 pm
Hartland top sport for saleGuest23-02-12  8:44 am
Ifor Williams 505 trailer Liz Harcombe22-02-12  9:26 pm
Awning stabling for sale 10 by 12 ftGuest11 22-02-12  9:15 pm
Carriage -wantedSteph Brumwell22-02-12  2:28 pm
Wanted pairs harnessJ Saiers21-02-12  6:52 pm
BODY PROTECTOR andrea wooley20-02-12  2:39 pm
Wanted trailer with extension for 4 wheel carriageLouise Garnham19-02-12  6:47 pm
SHAFTS FOR SALEanne davies17-02-12  9:36 am
Horsebox for Sale - adapated for carriage drivingGuest16-02-12  2:23 pm
Bennington XL Marathon CarriageSonny Hillier15-02-12  10:07 pm
WANTED 13 - 14hh ponyGuest15-02-12  8:32 pm
Pony Team for saleGuest15-02-12  8:21 pm
Retirement Sale!Julie Litster14-02-12  10:38 pm
Pair of shaftsJames Binns14-02-12  6:10 pm
CARRIAGE phateon type andrea wooley14-02-12  6:04 pm
Hillam Exercise Vehicle for saleHannah King14-02-12  4:29 pm
For sale -Bennington 4 wheeler Elaine Thompson14-02-12  8:43 am
John McDonald Harness For Sale - Including 2 pads (1 with tilbury t...Hannah King13-02-12  6:44 pm
Bennington Fun Bug - scotland Julie Litster12-02-12  8:47 pm
WANTED Bennington 4 Wheel or similar for 16.2hhanne davies12-02-12  7:34 pm
4 1/2 inch Butterfly bits for saleJill Holah11-02-12  10:30 pm
2 x 4 1/2" liverpools for saleDanielle Twitchen11-02-12  8:17 pm
Brown harness wantedHelen Bridges10-02-12  2:44 pm
Ride and Drive sec C mareSue Martin9-02-12  7:57 pm
Tandem HarnessFiona Mcouat9-02-12  1:19 pm
Stabling Trailer for saleNicola Pimbblet8-02-12  11:41 am
Cheval liberte trailer with front carriage platformChris Hillman8-02-12  10:47 am
Singel john Mcdonald harnessSteph Brumwell7-02-12  10:09 pm
Wanted white metal lampsSteph Brumwell7-02-12  2:28 pm
Trotting tie down wantedanne davies7-02-12  11:33 am
Synthetic Harness for saleAlanna Bertram6-02-12  9:01 pm
Blue and white traditional coltanne davies6-02-12  10:34 am
For saleMrs Margot Dahn5-02-12  8:14 pm
Wanted 13 - 13.2hh ponyGuest5-02-12  7:39 pm
Dark blue gigSteph Brumwell4-02-12  6:19 pm
Rene Schoop 3 phase single pony carriageRene Schoop4-02-12  3:59 pm
Huskisson Single Horse harness for sale Jeff Bannister4-02-12  3:03 pm
Dun Pony Pair for SaleLiz Eldridge3-02-12  8:11 pm
Exercise vehicle for 13.2hh wantedanne davies3-02-12  5:20 pm
Bennington 4 wheeleranne davies3-02-12  5:17 pm
Harness/bits for sale Sue Darling3-02-12  6:19 am
Ifor Williams Tri Axle TrailerGeoff Brown2-02-12  10:44 pm
Renault Magnum HorseboxGeoff Brown2-02-12  10:38 pm
Team Marathon CarriageGeoff Brown2-02-12  10:22 pm
Welsh sec A driving pony wantedGuest1-02-12  4:09 pm
Pony Pair & single HarnessesChris Hillman1-02-12  1:39 pm
Leyland Road Runner For SaleSteph Richards1-02-12  9:03 am
Welsh Sec D X Tb GeldingHugh Stables31-01-12  10:15 pm
3 phase carriage wantedSue Martin31-01-12  9:48 pm
Bennington Three Phase wantedElaine Thompson31-01-12  9:40 pm
Harness for saleDenise Bartlett31-01-12  6:32 pm
Bennington 4 wheel carriage for saleGuest31-01-12  3:48 pm
Wanted Carriage to fit 14.2 ponyanne davies31-01-12  10:38 am
Bennington wantedanne davies31-01-12  10:37 am
Tedman Duraweb/Leather Harness for 13.2 hhDerrick Mayes30-01-12  8:11 pm
Bellcrown Three Phase 4 wheeler for saleElaine Thompson30-01-12  7:18 pm
Stabling TrailerJames Lewis30-01-12  6:24 pm
3 phase marathon vehicleSteph Brumwell30-01-12  6:13 pm
Rene Schoop pony pairs harness for 12.2hhChristine Twigg30-01-12  5:47 pm
Adjustable cartanne davies30-01-12  2:23 pm
2-wheeled Hillam for Shetland/Section A WantedSharon Holt29-01-12  2:34 pm
Tedman Duraweb Harness. 2 sets for Sale Anna Lord28-01-12  3:28 pm
13hh Riding/Show pony for saleJames Binns28-01-12  1:08 pm
13.2hh Ride & Drive for sale.James Binns28-01-12  1:07 pm
Pony Pair/Single PonyPresentation Carriage as newTrevor Wear27-01-12  8:09 pm
Bennington Presentation Carriage for saleDi Hayes27-01-12  3:43 pm
Hartland Micrasport For SaleSteph Milner26-01-12  5:30 pm
FOUR wheeler carriageandrea wooley26-01-12  12:05 pm
Pairs 3 phase to fit 15.1hhSteph Brumwell26-01-12  9:40 am
Wanted ride and drive ponyLouise Garnham25-01-12  5:32 pm
Wanted four wheel carriageLouise Garnham25-01-12  5:30 pm
4" butterfly or liverpoolJanet Pilling24-01-12  6:26 pm
5.5" Sprenger Liverpool BitRachel Horton23-01-12  3:18 pm
Cob size zilco harnessgaynor bradshaw23-01-12  9:28 am
14hh ish ride & drive wantedCatherine Jacobs22-01-12  7:22 pm
Dartmoor 3 phase 4 wheelerElaine Thompson21-01-12  8:17 pm
Bargain - Webster Euro Singles HarnessPenny Bragg21-01-12  4:42 pm
Has anyone got the book 'Breaking a horse to harness' Julie Hoskyns21-01-12  12:40 am
Wanted - Rippon Bros carriage informationannabel sleigh20-01-12  1:15 pm
For Sale - Roadster Training/Pleasure VehicleDiana Hoult19-01-12  10:00 am
Hartland Spider PhaetonJill Stephenson19-01-12  12:35 am
Wanted presentation vehicleDi Hayes18-01-12  10:20 pm
Horsebox SwapWendy Wyatt18-01-12  1:07 pm
For Sale - Alfriston Sportsman Two Wheel GigDiana Hoult18-01-12  9:12 am
Hartland Olympic Pony PairGuest17-01-12  11:21 pm
Wanted - 6" Fixed cheek Liverpool BitJoe Hodgson17-01-12  10:06 am
Presentation HarnessCaroline Weiss16-01-12  10:08 pm
Wanted 3 phase carriage Sue Martin16-01-12  6:37 pm
EQUITREK 4 STAR TRAILER FOR SALEJessica Meredith16-01-12  5:55 pm
Full size Zilco ZGB breastcollarChristine Twigg16-01-12  8:57 am
FULL SIZE PAIR HARNESSJackie Ellis15-01-12  9:10 pm
For LoanCaroline Gill15-01-12  4:59 pm
7.5 Tonne HORSE BOX FOR SALECaroline Weiss15-01-12  2:52 pm
FANTASTIC STABLING TRAILER FOR SALEKaren Scott-Barrett13-01-12  8:55 pm
Pony Fenix FlyerGuest13-01-12  12:42 pm
John McDonald Leather Single Pony HarnessRita McGregor12-01-12  9:03 pm
Kuhnle Marathon CarriageNicola Pimbblet12-01-12  8:00 pm
14.1hh Dark Bay Ride/Drive Mare WelshxhackneyTrevor Wear12-01-12  6:49 pm
4 WHEELER CARRIAGE FOR SALESam H12-01-12  1:23 pm
4Sam H12-01-12  1:21 pm
LampsLorna Ingam11-01-12  8:40 pm
Duraweb HarnessDi Hayes11-01-12  4:00 pm
Pony Carriage wantedheather watt11-01-12  9:31 am
Equifor Euro Webster Harness for Sale - only used a few times.Guest7-01-12  5:14 pm
WBR 3 phase marathon vehicleGuest7-01-12  10:55 am
Bennington 3 phase Carriage For SaleFrances Collings7-01-12  10:29 am
Pony pair/team marathon carriage for saleJames Binns6-01-12  1:21 pm
Selection of 13.2hh ride & drive ponies for saleJames Binns6-01-12  1:15 pm
YAMAHA QUAD FOR SALEJackie Ellis6-01-12  1:15 pm
Dressage Carriage for saleJames Binns6-01-12  1:03 pm
Harness for saleTowle Cathy6-01-12  11:42 am
Bennington B1 4 wheelerlouise nicholson 4-01-12  2:54 pm
Wanted- full sizeKathleen Upsall4-01-12  6:13 am
Wanted breast collar and saddle waffle/poly liners Susan Walker3-01-12  6:12 pm
Bennington BX4 forecarriageChristine Twigg3-01-12  3:36 pm
Harness for saleChristine Twigg3-01-12  3:33 pm
Bennington 2 wheeler intro wantedlouise nicholson 3-01-12  2:22 pm
Bennington 2 wheeler introlouise nicholson 3-01-12  2:18 pm
TEDMAN DURAWEB FULL SIZEViki Edmondson3-01-12  11:10 am
Wanted pairs good leather harness for 15.1hhSteph Brumwell2-01-12  11:51 am
Wanted pairs exercise carriage for 15.1hh Steph Brumwell2-01-12  11:46 am
Wanted.. Brollar. To fit approx 24 inch collarCaroline Weiss1-01-12  5:05 pm
Horse WantedCaroline Weiss1-01-12  4:54 pm
Pony pair harnessSue Martin30-12-11  5:23 pm
Section A YoungstockGuest30-12-11  4:41 pm
Wanted Phase 3 Vehicle to suit 14.1 pony pleaseLisa Millman30-12-11  4:18 pm
Hartland Versitile Carriage for saleJulie Litster29-12-11  10:03 pm
Pony Pair Carriage for SaleJulie Litster29-12-11  9:40 pm
Bennington Pony Pairs vehiclesJulie Litster29-12-11  9:37 pm
Wanted Experienced Ride & Drive 12.3 - 13.2hhLinda King29-12-11  7:54 pm
For Sale Section A Silver Dun Guest29-12-11  6:04 pm
Ride and drive Welsh section C geldingSue Martin29-12-11  3:10 pm
Hartland Dynamic Pony Pair carriageSue Martin29-12-11  2:40 pm
15hh Ride and Drive Friesian For SaleRebecca Pflanz27-12-11  12:39 pm
Tandem harness wantedBryan Gauson26-12-11  8:34 am
Pair of 13.2hh Welsh Sec B x ride and drive geldingsGuest21-12-11  6:49 pm
Groom for 2012Anna Grayston21-12-11  5:41 pm
Ifor williams trailer Helen Bridges20-12-11  4:15 pm
Synthetic Pairs Cob Harness Julie Litster16-12-11  10:33 pm
3.5t horsebox 2 ponies +carriagelynda mcmullen16-12-11  5:00 pm
Brollar Collar Wantedcarole scrimgeour16-12-11  12:33 pm
Ariat Boots - Brand spanking newLinda Rose13-12-11  3:47 pm
Rene shoop singel carriageSteph Brumwell12-12-11  5:40 pm
Wanted pair set of harnessSteph Brumwell12-12-11  5:34 pm
English leather harnessSteph Brumwell12-12-11  5:30 pm
3 Olympia Tickets - Friday 16th AfternoonJames Campbell12-12-11  12:44 am
Bellcrown BadgerLisa middleton10-12-11  11:08 am
Hartland MicrosportDi Hayes9-12-11  12:25 pm
13hh black 3yo mare 100Liz Ostacchini9-12-11  11:37 am
Bits for saleNicola Blandin4-12-11  4:33 pm
New harness and brollarTanya Manser2-12-11  6:46 pm
Wanted shetland empathy collar and saddleSusan Walker2-12-11  6:36 pm
Digi-view wireless camera systemGuest2-12-11  1:06 pm
Stabling Mats for Sale - KentJane Lamb30-11-11  9:52 pm
Gig Steph Brumwell29-11-11  8:55 pm
Pony Fenix FlyerGuest29-11-11  12:53 pm
3 phase pony vehicle - for salelynda mcmullen25-11-11  4:45 pm
Zilco Cob Pairs Harnesssara clough24-11-11  8:25 pm
KUHNLE Marathon Carriagesara clough24-11-11  8:21 pm
Wanted :- Shetland four wheeler Belinda Clark24-11-11  6:45 pm
Very Smart 13.2 sec C geldingJanet Pilling24-11-11  12:02 pm
STOLEN - WBR 3 phase black and chromeHannah Crane23-11-11  2:47 pm
3.5 ton lorry for saleHelen Hughes23-11-11  9:55 am
Bennington B1 for saleGuy Stainton22-11-11  7:04 pm
Exercise Cart for Sale.Guy Stainton22-11-11  7:02 pm
16.1hh Bay Irish Thoroghbred for SaleRachel Horton21-11-11  11:25 am
Pony Pair Presentation Vehicle Rita McGregor20-11-11  5:52 pm
Rene schoop 3 phase Carriage for saleCarole Redgrave19-11-11  4:52 pm
Fell pony mareLyn Winder18-11-11  12:57 pm
Welsh section C geldingsue martin17-11-11  8:37 pm
Welsh section C gelding for salesue martin17-11-11  8:19 pm
12.5 tonne Leyland Daf - well cared for HGVWendy Stromberg17-11-11  1:09 pm
3 Phase Carriage for 14hh WantedJean Wood16-11-11  10:07 pm
Zilco Full Size Pairs Harness For SaleAlison Rampling16-11-11  8:07 pm
Fenix flyer for saleGuest16-11-11  1:05 pm
KWPN 8year old gelding for saleChris Jamieson14-11-11  5:44 pm
Fenix RallicarMaggy Barber14-11-11  2:58 pm
Large pony FenixD. Lucas14-11-11  8:54 am
Proven Competiton horseSonny Hillier13-11-11  8:55 pm
Folded Leather Reinsfay pountney12-11-11  7:17 pm
Horse Pairs Carriage For SaleAlison Rampling12-11-11  5:22 pm
LIPIZZANER GELDINGS FOR SALEChris Jamieson12-11-11  1:04 pm
S'Hertogenboschsara clough12-11-11  11:08 am
Horse Single/Pair Carriage for SaleJane Isaac10-11-11  9:41 pm
Zilco classsic horse pairs harnessLyn Winder10-11-11  8:57 pm
Tedman Duraweb Cob Harnessfay pountney9-11-11  7:34 pm
Tedex Cob Harnessfay pountney9-11-11  7:31 pm
Zilco cob size empathy collar 120onoJoe Hodgson9-11-11  6:02 pm
Very Smart 15.1hh Piebald Gelding. Maxine Ingham9-11-11  5:08 pm
Zilco pony pair harness 800Edwina Mcguigan9-11-11  3:34 pm
Pairs english leather with cols size 22''Steph Brumwell9-11-11  11:06 am
John McDonnald FEI standard presentation HarnessGuest8-11-11  9:16 pm
13hh welsh section C geldingmichael gray7-11-11  1:46 pm
Rene Schoop 3 phase pony carriageGuest6-11-11  4:13 pm
Ford ivico horseboxGuest6-11-11  12:21 pm
Dutch KWPN proven champion IHDTDi Hobbs5-11-11  10:34 pm
Horsebox for saleDanielle Twitchen5-11-11  12:59 pm
5 Horse HGV 18 Ton Mercedes (TEAM OPG LORRY)Owen Pilling4-11-11  5:15 pm
Bennington presentation carriagePhillip Reeves2-11-11  9:04 pm
Bennington blazePhillip Reeves2-11-11  8:48 pm
Driving Pony/Horse for HDT wanted. 13hh to 15.3hhTrevor Wear2-11-11  8:44 pm
Zilco sl sportz shetland/sm pony harnesslynda mcmullen2-11-11  11:28 am
A13 HDT NO PLATE FOR SALEJackie Ellis1-11-11  7:01 pm
Ifor Williams pony & carriage TralierGuest1-11-11  6:51 pm
HelpRene Schoop1-11-11  6:37 pm
Section B geldingTim Bradford1-11-11  5:38 pm
Desperately seeking ........Rosemary Neale1-11-11  2:03 pm
3 Phase Vehicle for 13.1 pony wantedGuest30-10-11  11:16 pm
Small Pony Stick Back GigGuest29-10-11  10:38 pm
Fenix Flyer II For SaleGuest29-10-11  10:24 pm
Wanted2 Wheeled Exercise Carts for 11.2 and 15 handsFrances Collings29-10-11  6:05 pm
3 phase horse pairs carriageGuest27-10-11  1:20 pm
John McDonald Harness For Sale Hannah King27-10-11  10:37 am
Friesian x wanted 15.1hhSteph Brumwell23-10-11  9:04 pm
Ridgeway Swift 4 wheel carriage for saleJenny Wallace23-10-11  11:13 am
Bellcrown carriage for saleGuest22-10-11  8:26 pm
Pony Pair/Pony Team 3-phase Carriage FOR SALERupert Barnard22-10-11  6:58 pm
Fexix 3 Flyer Carriage up to 16.2hh horse for saleMike Phillips22-10-11  9:59 am
11.2hh registered welsh Sec AMike Hodgson21-10-11  7:27 pm
Bennington dressage carriagePhillip Reeves21-10-11  5:55 pm
Pony pairs harnessSuki Linnitt21-10-11  2:54 pm
Pony Pairs presentation harness for saleJulie Hoskyns21-10-11  11:00 am
3 phase single horse wantedHannah Crane20-10-11  12:34 pm
Wanted pairs harnessJulie Hoskyns19-10-11  6:40 pm
Loads for SaleWendy Peckham12 19-10-11  4:27 pm
Dublin gigSteph Brumwell19-10-11  3:07 pm
Wanted team set of good zilco Steph Brumwell19-10-11  2:54 pm
Dick carey 4-wheeler for saleHelen Bridges19-10-11  10:19 am
Webster Euro Singles HarnessPenny Bragg18-10-11  5:50 pm
Pairs harnessRene Schoop17-10-11  4:19 pm
Harness for saleChristine Twigg17-10-11  3:17 pm
Bennington B2 for saleJanet Pilling16-10-11  1:16 pm
13.1hh Welsh Bay Pony Ride and Drivemichael gray14-10-11  5:21 pm
Welsh B X Ride and DriveGuest14-10-11  3:34 pm
Fantastic 12hh ride and drive ponylynda mcmullen11-10-11  11:38 pm
Full collar wantedTony Gregory11-10-11  9:27 pm
Sensible kind ride/drive Fell ponySue Darling11-10-11  3:23 pm
Wanted 3 horse trailerGuest11-10-11  12:52 pm
Bennington mini de luxe for saleSusan Skeggs9-10-11  9:38 am
Whip/lamps for saleChristine Twigg7-10-11  5:46 pm
FOUR WHEEL DOG CART by FENIXAnn pearsons7-10-11  8:44 am
WANTED - 4 1/2" French link 2 slot Liverpool bitFrances Collings6-10-11  8:48 pm
Huskisson pony pair harness Christine Twigg6-10-11  9:46 am
16.1 Lipizzaner Ride /DriveGeoff Brown5-10-11  1:58 pm
4 Wheeled Pneumatic Single TrainerMaxine Ingham4-10-11  7:46 pm
Pony Pairs Carriage for saleTabitha King3-10-11  3:10 pm
Norfolk/market cart for saleTabitha King3-10-11  3:09 pm
Marshall Leisure 10 o/o discountCarol Gillings3-10-11  12:18 pm
Wanted Bennington XL or similaravril munson1-10-11  12:34 pm
Driving cones/ obs barriers/presentation bits and bobsGuest1-10-11  11:53 am
Flashy 13hh approx palomino sec CDi Hobbs30-09-11  11:37 pm
Brand new zilco classic harness cob sizeTara Hill30-09-11  10:50 pm
Horsebox & stabling trailer for saleLynn Howard29-09-11  12:16 pm
Wanted on loan! Caroline Gill29-09-11  12:05 pm
3 phase Bennington B2 14.2hh in blue for saleChristine Twigg29-09-11  11:26 am
Driving back to sport QUESTIONVic Kusin28-09-11  9:25 pm
Variety of driving equipment FOR SALESusan Walker28-09-11  4:36 pm
Car Parking in Canley (coventry)Rupert Barnard25-09-11  5:54 pm
Bennington B2Lesley Tilbury25-09-11  12:21 pm
Wanted.pair harness.14.2Helen Bridges25-09-11  9:58 am
Hartland ponysport for salew m richards24-09-11  4:16 pm
Zilco classic cob harness for salew m richards24-09-11  4:14 pm
Welsh C Chestnut 13.1 Gelding For SaleGuest23-09-11  2:10 pm
Welsh Section AGuest23-09-11  1:16 pm
Pair Section A Ponies for saleV.Ann Jennings21-09-11  11:38 pm
Horse wantedV.Ann Jennings21-09-11  11:19 pm
Pony wantedJames Lewis21-09-11  5:55 pm
Spyder phaeton wanted for 15.2 Steph Brumwell21-09-11  12:04 pm
Pony, 3 phase carriage and harnessRoger Goodier21-09-11  11:33 am
Apache Awning for SaleWendy Wadsworth20-09-11  10:42 am
Caravan for sale Wendy Wadsworth20-09-11  10:37 am
Wanted 3 Phase carriage for my 11h section ARene Schoop19-09-11  10:15 pm
Ford ivico priceSteph Brumwell19-09-11  5:45 pm
Comb 15" x Wide Brand New Brown Saddle For SaleDanielle Twitchen19-09-11  5:36 pm
Selling up. dispersal of equipmentMinta WInn19-09-11  5:17 pm
Wanted - Hartland MinisportGuest19-09-11  9:09 am
Welsh section C Ride and Drive maresue martin18-09-11  11:19 pm
Stunning Welsh Section C Dun Pony 13.0hhSteph Milner18-09-11  9:34 pm
Pony lightweight FENIX FLYERGuest18-09-11  7:31 pm
Bennington 2 wheel Marathon Carriage Barbara McPhillips18-09-11  4:35 pm
WANTED - Three phase vehicle for 11hh Welsh ponyDaniel Snow18-09-11  1:00 pm
Fit and fearless 13.2 roan Welsh section CGuest18-09-11  10:06 am
Mercedes 308D HorseboxJoe Hodgson16-09-11  8:41 pm
MAN HGV HORSEBOX FOR SALEGuest16-09-11  3:01 pm
Renault Magnum HorseboxGeoff Brown16-09-11  1:27 pm
2 x ride and drive Palomino Ponies for saleamanda harding16-09-11  10:49 am
Seat wanted to fit on a Bellcrown 4 wheeler.Rene Schoop16-09-11  10:25 am
Pair wanted. John Bowman14-09-11  1:35 pm
Striking black and white colt foalJohn Bowman14-09-11  1:31 pm
Bennington three phase carriage for saleben grose14-09-11  1:30 pm
Coloured Driving PairJohn Bowman14-09-11  1:28 pm
Harness for salePhillip Reeves12-09-11  8:41 pm
English collarDiane Phillips12-09-11  2:42 pm
Empathy Collar and TracesMaggy Barber12-09-11  11:41 am
Zilco Classic Pad, cob sizeMaxine Ingham12-09-11  10:40 am
Tedman Tedex HarnessMaxine Ingham11-09-11  10:42 pm
Small pony full collarAnne Dickens10-09-11  8:49 pm
4 wheel carriage for 14.1hhAnna Grayston10-09-11  1:04 pm
Wanted Automatic lorry upto 7.5 ton or large lightweight trailer su...Guest9-09-11  6:50 pm
Bennington buccaneerHelen Bridges9-09-11  3:16 pm
Passenger Wagonette - potential commercial vehicleAnne Dickens7-09-11  9:27 pm
Wanted pair 14.2hh- max 15hhMinta WInn6-09-11  12:57 pm
Bennington B1 for sale 14-14.2hhRebecca Pflanz5-09-11  9:17 pm
Ride and Drive sec C GeldingSue Martin5-09-11  2:40 pm
Myler MB43LP Liverpool Bit 5 1/4"Maxine Ingham5-09-11  9:48 am
Duraweb Cob BridleMaxine Ingham5-09-11  9:47 am
Horsebox for saleCaroline Hall3-09-11  7:49 am
Tandem for loanClare Iveagh2-09-11  9:53 pm
Hartland shetland pony sportSue Baldock2-09-11  3:20 pm
Lorry for saleGuest2-09-11  2:38 pm
Quad for saleSimon Willis2-09-11  11:18 am
Last 25 light wieght portable stable mats ....for saleDeano Smith1-09-11  10:35 am
RARE PERLINO CONNEMARA COLT FOR SALEPenny Makinson31-08-11  8:21 pm
Fenix dog cart and harness for saleRosemary Neale30-08-11  11:17 am
Bellcrown Telstar 13hh-14hhGuest29-08-11  3:48 pm
WBR 3-Phase Pony/Small Horse Four Wheel Carriage For Sale 1600. Guest29-08-11  2:30 pm
Wanted - Bennington BX4/B2 or similarLesley Tilbury26-08-11  2:41 pm
Fenix Lightwieght Pony FlyerGuest25-08-11  6:25 pm
Top Hats for salemark vickers24-08-11  8:47 pm
WBR 3 phase carriage for saleavril munson24-08-11  9:47 am
Bellcrown Bantam for saleKelly Stewart24-08-11  9:21 am
Bennington Backstep Buggy For SaleMandy Reddock23-08-11  4:57 pm
Pony pairs presentation harnessChristine Twigg23-08-11  4:20 pm
Dalmatian PuppiesDavid Taylor23-08-11  9:49 am
13.2 4yr Reg Fell Gelding. Hartland Microsport. Zilco Classic HarnessWendy Embleton23-08-11  8:31 am
Fenix 3 Phase VehicleGuest22-08-11  9:18 pm
Trailer and Towing VehicleGuest22-08-11  9:07 pm
Wanted 3 Phase carriage for my 11h section Amark vickers22-08-11  5:36 pm
3 phase carriage Wanted for 12:2 - 13:2hhGuest22-08-11  5:19 pm
Wanted 3 phase carriage to fit 16:2HHGuest22-08-11  5:14 pm
Bennington mini de luxeGuest22-08-11  3:47 pm
Ride and Drive ponyPru Wynne-Evans22-08-11  7:33 am
Horsebox for saleWendy Wyatt21-08-11  9:50 pm
15.3hh School Master for SaleAnne Clarke21-08-11  11:54 am
Zilco ZGB Cob Size HarnessNicola Pimbblet21-08-11  8:51 am
Welsh Section D filly foal - HDT prospect Taraco Stud20-08-11  8:24 pm
Welsh Section D filly - super HDT prospectTJ Coppins20-08-11  8:18 pm
Pony pairNatalie Gawley20-08-11  7:14 pm
Waffle Pads for Sale (2 off)Penny Bragg19-08-11  10:35 am
Rugs/travel boots for saleChristine Twigg18-08-11  11:00 am
Pony Pairs Bennington Carriages for saleChristine Twigg17-08-11  8:30 pm
Horse Pair - REDUCED!!Guest16-08-11  9:10 pm
Harness wantedSue Baldock16-08-11  5:08 pm
WANTED set of 4 wheels for marathon carriageJoe Hodgson16-08-11  4:40 pm
Lorry for saleJacky Jeffrey16-08-11  4:29 pm
HDT Driving pony urgently requiredShelley Osborne15-08-11  2:10 pm
14.2hh ish reg welsh sec D mareR Armstrong13-08-11  8:25 pm
Horse Pairs harness for saleDavid Stafford13-08-11  8:01 pm
Help Available Midlands (Rugby Area)Nichola Bowman11-08-11  12:21 pm
Tony Green Harness for saleMick Ward11-08-11  12:06 pm
Hartland pony topsport for saleAlison Reilly10-08-11  5:24 pm
Driving ponySue Baldock9-08-11  4:08 pm
11.2hh bay ponyGuest8-08-11  7:41 pm
16.1hh Bay Sports horse 8yrs For SaleGemma Smith8-08-11  5:37 pm
15hh TB Bay 5yrs Gelding for SaleGemma Smith8-08-11  4:32 pm
Welsh D 2yrs dark bay gelding for SaleGemma Smith8-08-11  4:16 pm
Two interesting carriages for saleFiona Powell8-08-11  4:03 pm
ITEMS FOR SALE ON BEHALF OF ROGER GOODIERCarole Redgrave8-08-11  10:35 am
Secondhand English Black Bowler Hats for SaleFrances Collings5-08-11  4:20 pm
Caravan for SaleBecky POwer4-08-11  9:56 pm
Hartland Topsport Carriage for Sale Pip Holgate3-08-11  1:51 pm
Hartland Pony Pairs carriageJoan Smith2-08-11  9:31 pm
WANTED: Zilco Tedex/SL Shetland harnessLiz Ostacchini2-08-11  9:02 am
Eppynt Carriage ClubGuest1-08-11  8:45 pm
Fenix Country Flyer for saleshan law1-08-11  3:07 pm
TEAM equipment for saleJames Binns31-07-11  9:19 pm
Carriage number holder and butterfly bit requiredSusan Walker30-07-11  4:04 pm
Bennington three phase pony carriageColin Allen30-07-11  9:27 am
Livery Coat, Grooms, Black By HartlandsVic Willmington29-07-11  10:43 pm
Re: Pony Harness for sale - money raised to go to RDALinda Rose29-07-11  7:30 pm
Wanted Driving BitE O'Neill29-07-11  5:32 pm
Pony team leader barsColin Allen29-07-11  9:42 am
Cones for saleJan Fair29-07-11  7:24 am
Bennington or Fenix WantedLesley Tilbury28-07-11  9:06 pm
Ride and drive mareAnnalie28-07-11  8:34 am
Selling up; 3 horses, carriage, portable stable, harness..Guest27-07-11  3:30 pm
New Forest x Coloured Cob filly foalJames Binns26-07-11  10:50 pm
New Forest riding ponyJames Binns26-07-11  10:48 pm
Black Section A / Complete TurnoutLisa middleton26-07-11  9:39 pm
Myler Liverpool 4.5" 3/4" ported comfort snaffleJill Thorpe25-07-11  9:51 pm
13.2 5yo New Forest bred bay gelding loan/saleEmma Burton25-07-11  2:03 pm
Arena for Sale!Jan Fair25-07-11  8:49 am
Very attractive sec C geldingJanet Pilling24-07-11  7:54 pm
Pony harness wantedAnna Lord24-07-11  12:07 pm
Wanted 5.5 happy mouthSteph Brumwell24-07-11  8:30 am
Wanted - Butterfly PelhamLinda Rose23-07-11  1:02 pm
Shetland Pony Pairs Harness for SaleLinda Rose23-07-11  6:47 am
Pairs carriage for saleGuest22-07-11  3:29 pm
Horse Trainer/Exercise/Pleasure Carriage by Van Den HeuvelVic Willmington22-07-11  3:03 pm
12.3hh top competiton pony for saleMinta WInn22-07-11  10:07 am
14hh ride and drive gelding for saleGuest21-07-11  5:18 pm
For Sale 13.3hh Ride & DriveGuest20-07-11  1:59 pm
Wanted driving HorseChristopher Marshall18-07-11  7:20 pm
Tedman duraweb to fit 13.hh/15hh for sale (COB)Jackie Ellis18-07-11  5:47 pm
Zilco classic single horseJackie Ellis18-07-11  5:47 pm
Kuhnle Single Horse Phaeton for saleLynn Howard18-07-11  5:13 pm
For saleRene Schoop16-07-11  2:52 pm
Welsh Sec A photos now addedGuest16-07-11  2:18 pm
Wanted - 21" black patent full collarCaroline Weiss14-07-11  10:27 pm
Bennington 3 phase for saleJane Smith14-07-11  2:03 pm
4 year old fell filly broken to ride and driveAnnalie14-07-11  1:14 pm
Bennington Spyder PhaetonRichard Wiggins14-07-11  8:50 am
Bennington Pony Pair vehicleRichard Wiggins14-07-11  8:39 am
Registration numberRichard Wiggins14-07-11  8:32 am
Licensed welsh mountain type spotty broomells stallionsarah fouche12-07-11  10:48 pm
For Sale Pro-Vac Paddock CleanerGuest12-07-11  10:16 pm
Single Horse 4wheel Presentation carriage for saleGuest12-07-11  3:50 pm
Tri coloured filly 2 yearsSteph Brumwell12-07-11  2:40 pm
Very dark bay mare 15.1hhSteph Brumwell12-07-11  2:26 pm
WANTED - Backstepper for Allerton Park regional this weekendGeorgie Reay-Robinso12-07-11  12:05 pm
Bellcrown Q4 Debut Four wheeler Elaine Thompson11-07-11  3:20 pm
Horsebox with Stabling for saleJane Smith11-07-11  12:30 pm
Experienced Pony Pair For saleChristine Twigg10-07-11  9:04 pm
Fenix Pony Flyer For SaleGuest10-07-11  12:27 pm
VW LorryMaggy Barber9-07-11  8:40 pm
Bennington B1/B2 WantedLesley Tilbury9-07-11  4:43 pm
Welsh sec a for saleDanielle Twitchen8-07-11  4:55 pm
WANTED team leader bar with swingle trees