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NEDTL Charity AuctionJane Wilson8-11-10  9:55 pm
Pictures from Brighton National and Blanding ODE in AugustRachel Horton21-10-10  12:36 pm
Young Drivers HoodiesJoanna Bassett13-10-10  10:41 pm
National Championships PhotosNic & Libby Castle22-09-10  11:33 pm
Eacdg Ashfields 18-19th SeptFiona Powell22-09-10  10:39 pm
Lost PropertyJulia Crockford14-09-10  11:26 am
BHDTA Windsor - picsMike Watts14-09-10  10:40 am
Training with Jo Gillian Stoneman13-09-10  10:30 pm
King and Queens of the Cones for 2010 Frances Collings6-09-10  8:50 pm
CHDTG Henbury Hall PhotosMike Watts29-08-10  8:42 pm
Grangewood Regional PhotosNic & Libby Castle29-08-10  10:34 am
BHC Goodwood picturesLiz Harcombe26-08-10  2:33 pm
Cancelled Club Driver Challenge CancelledMartyn Willis23-08-10  8:43 pm
Goodwood running orderFiona Powell23-08-10  1:17 pm
Club Driver Challenge Qualified DriversMartyn Willis19-08-10  8:49 am
Holker Hall photosNic & Libby Castle11-08-10  8:53 pm
GOODWOOD ENTRIES CLOSE TODAYAdam Wyllie11-08-10  8:43 am
IHDT Indoor dates now publishedPatti Atkinson10-08-10  9:51 pm
MDTG Stoneleigh Park - picturesWendy Peckham9-08-10  5:58 pm
Eacdg/BHDTA Young Drivers Camp 10-12 Aug AshfieldsMike Watts5-08-10  10:01 pm
Erddig PhotosNic & Libby Castle3-08-10  6:46 pm
Easter Hall 2 Day Event 14-15 AugMary Jane Campbell3-08-10  7:11 am
Forum changesVic Kusin28-07-10  11:56 pm
WHHC Inside-out & 2 Day EventJulia Crockford27-07-10  9:25 am
Stoneleigh ParkWendy Peckham26-07-10  5:59 pm
Cones left at ErrdiggMargaret Brockie26-07-10  2:06 pm
Euston - EACDG 2 day event cancelledDavid Taylor24-07-10  10:23 pm
Eacdg Euston Park 2 day event, 31 July-1 AugustMike Watts21-07-10  8:53 pm
Allerton Park NEDTL - photosFiona Powell19-07-10  11:01 am
Catton PhotosNic & Libby Castle17-07-10  9:21 am
Pleasure Drive and Training Clinic with Anna GraystonBarbara Kingsley-Mon12-07-10  5:23 pm
WHHC 2 day event/ inside out 7th/8th AugustSue Courtney12-07-10  1:23 pm
WHHC Inside Out 11th JulySue Courtney3-07-10  2:37 pm
Sandringham - raffle for para driversLindsey Tyas2-07-10  8:28 pm
Sandringham PhotosNic & Libby Castle2-07-10  8:43 am
Training with Jan de BoerFiona Powell1-07-10  3:33 pm
Eacdg Club event at SandringhamNic & Libby Castle30-06-10  10:24 am
Photos from a SUNNY Newnham ParkMartyn Willis28-06-10  10:25 pm
Friesians trial for GB football team?Fiona Powell21-06-10  2:25 pm
Brighton Club Classes ResultsMike Watts14-06-10  11:15 pm
Photos from BrightonMartyn Willis14-06-10  10:42 pm
Brighton results - first 2 daysMike Watts12-06-10  9:38 pm
Hopetoun PicturesNic & Libby Castle1-06-10  10:31 pm
Photos from AshfieldsMartyn Willis1-06-10  12:28 pm
Windsor Park 3rd Meet PhotosMartyn Willis1-06-10  12:19 pm
BORDE HILL BOOT CAMP!!Adam Wyllie25-05-10  7:05 pm
EACDG 2 day event Elveden 22-23 May -detailsDiana Hoult25-05-10  12:32 pm
Ashfields results - marathonVic Kusin17-05-10  10:11 pm
Ashfields Photos Now all online!Nic & Libby Castle12-05-10  6:44 pm
Blandings Regional Event Clossing Date 16th May 2010Mike Watts11-05-10  2:25 pm
First Ashfields Photos Now Online.Nic & Libby Castle10-05-10  11:14 am
Parade at Woodhall Spa ShowWendy Peckham4-05-10  6:40 pm
Wedding carriageLorna Ingam29-04-10  5:25 pm
Andrew CowderySimon Heath29-04-10  1:19 pm
WHHC 2 day event 1st-2nd MaySue Courtney28-04-10  8:51 pm
Eacdg Ashfield 24-25 April - timetableMike Watts26-04-10  6:41 pm
Eacdg 2 day event - 24/25 AprilMike Watts16-04-10  10:10 pm
Ashfields 2 day 24-25 April and National 7-9 MayMike Watts14-04-10  8:44 pm
RESCHEDULED CRINKLY CAMPFiona Powell13-04-10  9:59 pm
EACDG One day event Sunday 4th April 2010 - detailsMike Watts2-04-10  5:35 pm
CANCELLED/POSTPONED EACDG Crinkly Camp 2-3 AprilMike Watts31-03-10  2:56 pm
Fancy having a try at scurry driving ? Open weekend planned.Carole Davenport30-03-10  9:26 pm
Are you free tonight ?Elaine Thompson26-03-10  9:50 am
Carriage Driving Fair 2010 - VideoAdam Wyllie24-03-10  9:40 pm
King of the Club ConesNic & Libby Castle23-03-10  4:25 pm
King of the ConesNic & Libby Castle23-03-10  3:22 pm
Club driver challenge - detailsMartyn Willis15-03-10  3:11 pm
Hereford Spring Carriage ShowMandy Reddock15-03-10  10:27 am
Evenig lecture demo @ Oldencraig 26th marchElaine Thompson2-03-10  1:35 pm
Carriage Driving Fair 2010Adam Wyllie12-02-10  5:03 pm
50th BirthdayWendy Wyatt11-02-10  4:01 pm
Could you kindly keep a lookout for meFaith Szczuka4-02-10  9:30 pm
Club SecretariesMartyn Willis2-02-10  10:01 am
Three Counties Show, Malvern trialTony Gregory1-02-10  11:57 am
Thames Valley dressage times 7th FEB 2010Judith Broom31-01-10  8:06 am
WHHC Summer Event SchedulesSue Courtney28-01-10  11:43 am
British Young Drivers Training ClinicJames Campbell25-01-10  11:19 pm
Useful training clinicsMike Watts25-01-10  6:17 pm
World Cup type eventMartyn Willis13-01-10  9:07 pm
SAD NEWSAudrey Barron13-01-10  8:36 pm
Urgent appeal from Canterbury Horse Rescue Fiona Powell8-01-10  4:43 pm
SPARSHOLT Indoor Driving 10th JanuaryVic Kusin8-01-10  4:27 pm
Midlands' drivers on BBC1Wendy Peckham8-01-10  3:58 pm
Single Pony class representativeSara Simmons17-12-09  11:36 am
TABLE TOP SALE @ MERRIST WOODDick Lane7-12-09  8:24 pm
NEW INDOOR EVENT, YORKJames Binns2-12-09  10:58 am
Operators Licence - incorrect info in horse and houndWendy Stromberg29-10-09  2:05 pm
Lost property at WindsorJill Holah29-09-09  5:29 pm
Eacdg event Elveden 27th Sept - detailsMike Watts22-09-09  8:29 pm
National Championships PhotosJo Foster17-09-09  7:54 pm
Eacdg Event 5-6 Sept - detailsMike Watts8-09-09  8:01 pm
Normanhurst Photos National and ClubNic & Libby Castle3-09-09  9:28 pm
Normanhurst - resultsMike Watts30-08-09  10:04 pm
Southern Club Driver ChampionshipsJulia Crockford25-08-09  8:28 am
Fenix Carriages One Day EventGuest20-08-09  10:33 pm
NORMANHURST HDTRita Bundock13-08-09  11:10 am
Groom required for West NewtonChris Hillman13-08-09  10:46 am
Ashfields National 7 Aug 09 - picsMike Watts8-08-09  7:34 pm
Training at Wix with Mike DaniellFiona Powell7-08-09  10:21 am
NORMANHURST HDT -GOING - GOING - GONE???Rita Bundock5-08-09  10:14 pm
Channel Cup resultsMike Watts5-08-09  9:02 am
Fancy a drive? Help requiredDoug Seel4-08-09  4:32 pm
Help neededJulie Hoskyns3-08-09  6:27 pm
EACDG/BHDTA Young Drivers Camp 28-30 JulyGuest24-07-09  9:28 am
WHHC West overton event 1st-2nd AugustSue Courtney17-07-09  8:16 pm
Photos from CattonNic & Libby Castle17-07-09  12:01 pm
EACDG Elveden Event, 17 - 18 & 19 JulyMike Watts14-07-09  10:21 pm
NEDTL TRAINING WEEKENDJane Wilson14-07-09  5:28 pm
Royal Windsor on ITV1 this coming SundayGuest13-07-09  10:22 pm
Pictures from Sandringham Eacdg club and nationalFiona Powell8-07-09  9:37 am
Hog Roast & Bar at Streetlam, NEDTLPatti Atkinson5-07-09  1:03 pm
Snowy CleaverJulia Crockford1-07-09  8:23 am
Borde Hill Backstepper wantedCHRIS ORCHARD30-06-09  10:28 pm
Borde HillSara Simmons30-06-09  2:11 pm
FUN CONES EXTRAVAGANZA Adam Wyllie29-06-09  10:04 pm
Eacdg Club Sandringham - detailsMike Watts24-06-09  2:31 pm
Fenix Carriages One Day Fun Day EventGuest23-06-09  11:11 am
Groom required for Sandringham HDTMartyn Willis20-06-09  7:37 pm
Great Western Harness Club 2 Day Event 18-19 JulyJames Campbell19-06-09  9:28 am
MDTG Offchurchbury NNQWendy Peckham18-06-09  6:43 pm
BORDE HILL ENTRIES AND HELP WANTEDAdam Wyllie9-06-09  11:51 am
Bob 17.2 bay clydesdale gelding sold from Steadham,west sussexVicky Lawson8-06-09  9:29 pm
Photos From HopetounNic & Libby Castle8-06-09  8:53 am
Young Drivers Summer Camp 28-30 JulyMike Watts7-06-09  4:12 pm
Borde Hill 2 Day EventAdam Wyllie2-06-09  9:46 pm
Brockham Harness Clubs New WebsiteAdam Wyllie2-06-09  9:30 pm
Brockham Harness Clubs 40th Birthday Party Adam Wyllie2-06-09  9:26 pm
EACDG Euston 30-31 May timetableMike Watts27-05-09  5:00 pm
PAIR CARRAIGE STOLENJackie Ellis25-05-09  12:40 pm
VOSA - DRIVERS' HOURSWendy Stromberg22-05-09  10:24 am
EACDG Crinkly Camp 22-24 May - detailsMike Watts20-05-09  9:19 pm
Young Drivers ICKD Channel cupMike Watts20-05-09  5:23 pm
What's on at BlandingsGuest17-05-09  10:14 am
Brighton HDT 2009 PhotosNic & Libby Castle15-05-09  2:27 pm
Fund raising for team GBGuest11-05-09  8:06 pm
Brighton 2009 results (club class)Mike Watts10-05-09  10:56 pm
Senior Camp - West SussexGuest9-05-09  3:17 pm
Malvern Show late entriesTony Gregory8-05-09  1:15 pm
Anne Henderson back into drivingJOHN GAYNOR4-05-09  5:15 pm
East Anglian - working party, Saturday, 16 May, EustonFiona Powell1-05-09  3:23 pm
Groom / backstepper neededNicolette Hughes1-05-09  8:47 am
EACDG Ashfields 25/6 April 09 - provisional times and detailsMike Watts28-04-09  9:06 pm
Ashfields Backstepper NeededCHRIS ORCHARD21-04-09  9:50 pm
Blandings Farm Pictures 19.4.09Harriet Bradford20-04-09  9:51 pm
Media Coverage or is it report about a friendMike Watts11-04-09  3:21 pm
BRIGHTON HDT ENTRYRita Bundock1-04-09  9:46 pm
MDTG Newcomers & Small Pony classesWendy Peckham30-03-09  4:56 pm
EACDG Blandings 1 day Sunday 29th March 09 timesMike Watts27-03-09  5:28 pm
South of England Carriage Driving Fair 2009Adam Wyllie25-03-09  9:21 pm
EACDG Blandings Sat 28th March 09 - training timesMike Watts24-03-09  8:15 pm
International Event at KeysoeCHRIS ORCHARD16-03-09  9:42 pm
Carriage Driving Fair PicturesCHRIS ORCHARD13-03-09  10:43 pm
BRIGHTON HDT ON LINE ENTRYRita Bundock23-02-09  8:30 pm
Brighton Entry OfferRita Bundock14-02-09  10:37 am
Stewards training clinic - free - 22 March - all welcomeGuest5-02-09  9:15 am
BRIGHTON HDT SPECIAL OFFERRita Bundock1-02-09  10:56 am
"World Cup-style" driving event, Wix EC, Sat 24 JanFiona Powell27-01-09  7:02 pm
A DRESSAGE DAY WITH DIANA BROWNLIEDerrick Mayes27-01-09  6:43 pm
Andy Marcoux Driving ClinicYvonne Farmer10-01-09  7:24 pm
Good News, Bad News, and a little bit of good newsPeter Blackman24-12-10  12:03 am
Video montagesJulie Camm1-12-10  7:38 am
HAY STEAMERSViki Edmondson28-11-10  10:13 pm
World cup driving on internetMartyn Willis19-11-10  7:00 pm
Windsor PhotosMartyn Willis16-11-10  7:19 pm
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