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Single Horse Classes URGENTPatti Atkinson21-12-15  1:02 pm
Watch/timer for a backstepper Julie Morrisroe19-12-15  11:08 am
Re-Schooling RecommendationsJenny Bawden10-11-15  4:17 pm
200 Club winnersHeather Clark10-11-15  11:08 am
Carriage Wheels Geoff Kay31-10-15  9:30 pm
Bennington Intro 4 wheelernatalie malbon16-10-15  11:38 am
Rebonding carriage wheelsWill Scarlett12-10-15  9:31 pm
Terry Bailey Memorial TrophyFiona Powell5-10-15  1:34 pm
EACDG CHAMPIONSHIPSBryan Gauson3-10-15  8:09 am
200 Club double draw winnersstevy greys30-09-15  3:07 pm
Tack I noticed at CirencesterFiona Powell30-09-15  8:12 am
Pics from CirencesterCarole Whittam25-09-15  10:37 am
National Championships, CirencesterJulie Hoskyns23-09-15  10:23 pm
Groom wanted for EACDG dressage, Friday, 25 September?Fiona Powell21-09-15  8:16 am
National championships times and paperworkJackie Durkin16-09-15  1:09 pm
Backstepper for CirencesterPeter Sidebottom14-09-15  7:11 pm
Transporting pony and cartAngela Ross14-09-15  9:40 am
Marathon TimingsDorothy Kelly8-09-15  7:44 am
Team GBR at BredaMargaret Brockie7-09-15  9:59 pm
Cheap Accomodation at Cirencester for the NationalsDiane Phillips4-09-15  9:40 pm
Sandrinham DVDsSteph Milner1-09-15  7:22 pm
Backstepper for Redenham Park AndoverPeter Sidebottom25-08-15  2:52 pm
LowtherElaine Ann Brown.18-08-15  9:38 am
Daniel Brown SurreySarah iodine14-08-15  6:49 pm
National Championships Polo ShirtsDavid Titmuss10-08-15  12:03 pm
Wanted overnight stop over in NorthumberlandSue Squirrell5-08-15  11:20 pm
RaehillsBrian Cairns5-08-15  6:26 pm
Aachen Tickets for saleJackie Herd5-08-15  10:54 am
August eventsavril munson10 28-07-15  8:28 am
New British Carriage Driving Channel??Jane Wilson26-07-15  6:57 pm
Team Holly Whip MakerCallum Anthony Jones25-07-15  11:21 am
Dressage test and the haltsPatti Atkinson22-07-15  9:04 pm
WidmerpoolJane Smith20-07-15  6:52 pm
Girth RubsDaniel Snow19-07-15  11:58 pm
Body ProtectorsVicky Brennan6-07-15  10:20 pm
Single Horse - Chef d'EquipeGeorgina Hunt3-07-15  11:24 pm
200 Club winners - Sandringham drawHeather Clark2-07-15  10:01 am
Sandringham - missing results?Fiona Powell30-06-15  6:13 pm
Anyone around NN7? Alysha Lane22-06-15  11:33 am
Goodwood Mini Gran Prix Help needed pleaseLiz Ostacchini21-06-15  9:43 pm
Fire Extinguisher's For SaleGinny White19-06-15  3:10 pm
Onley Grounds Farm: NNQ & BYD ChampionshipsRuth Auton15-06-15  2:42 pm
New membership..... Insurance? Sarah Smith11-06-15  5:51 pm
Fabulous new prizes for Raehills 2015Louise McCutcheon10-06-15  4:07 pm
200 Club WinnersHeather Clark6-06-15  3:52 pm
RaehillsLouise McCutcheon4-06-15  3:53 pm
Small pony classJane Wilson31-05-15  2:32 pm
ThankyouLorraine Davies18-05-15  7:49 pm
Pneumatic tyresGillian Booth15-05-15  9:10 am
Lightweight Mats???Diane Phillips12-05-15  8:39 pm
Type of CarriageSioux Gardner9-05-15  9:12 am
Help and advice needed on retraining an ex-scurry shetlandLindsay Spalding 29-04-15  7:16 pm
Advice needed on pony backing upHayley jones27-04-15  9:40 pm
200 ClubHeather Clark16-04-15  4:09 pm
Proposal at AGMDot Willcoxson21-03-15  8:42 am
ApprenticeshipJoanna Beazley Richa13-03-15  3:57 pm
New to driving and need a cartFiona Powell8-03-15  7:24 pm
Cleveland bay horses Siobhain Fletcher8-03-15  12:33 am
Wanted person to break ponyBrenda Williamson3-03-15  1:04 pm
Bill's funeralCaroline Gill28-02-15  10:28 am
Club newsCarole Redgrave27-02-15  5:09 pm
Spam removed (HAVEN)Mike Watts23-02-15  9:32 am
Single Horse advanced classPatti Atkinson11-02-15  3:23 pm
Shaving my head for charity!Sarah Meredith10-02-15  5:43 pm
Manure catcherJenny Renouf6-02-15  2:25 pm
Stuck for something to do on Sat 31st JanGuy Benest30-01-15  10:33 pm
Another council member resigns?Rita Bundock22 18-01-15  7:30 am
200 Club returned form Heather Clark11-01-15  3:48 pm
2015Kathleen Upsall2-01-15  4:04 pm
ProposalsBrian Cairns12 31-12-14  7:47 pm
Natural ProgressionBrian Cairns18 13-12-14  6:30 pm
Beach drivingVicky Brennan30-11-14  11:02 pm
200 Club winnersHeather Clark30-11-14  5:39 pm
Information requested on unidentified pony carriage please ...Rita Bundock29-11-14  10:44 am
Trailers and travelRuth Auton26-11-14  8:12 pm
Front page news!Fiona Powell13-11-14  9:01 am
Ashfields is backBC Office12-11-14  10:42 am
British Masters FREE Live StreamingAnna Lord11-11-14  4:43 pm
New BC chairman?David Stafford42 8-11-14  10:04 pm
Single Horse Class RepresentativePatti Atkinson6-11-14  6:01 pm
Hopetoun and Sandringham FEI classesPatti Atkinson6-11-14  4:03 pm
Carriage maintenanceFiona Powell2-11-14  9:39 am
New to boardFiona Powell2-11-14  9:36 am
Experienced groomAbi Hitchcock30-10-14  8:11 am
Personal accident cover for back steppers/ grooms Shelley fuller25-10-14  9:41 pm
BC Championships Photo OfferSwingletree Photogra19-10-14  5:49 pm
Let's get Ashfields back!Geoff Atkins12 19-10-14  4:23 pm
Open letter to the councilLyn Price32 17-10-14  11:33 pm
Rural Payments Agency SPSJeff Bannister14-10-14  7:12 pm
Council VacanciesBryan Gauson13-10-14  11:20 pm
Female Groom wanted - AustraliaElizabeth Lawrence1-10-14  7:18 pm
Jill HolahViki Edmondson1-10-14  12:23 pm
EACDG Championships - a great weekend!Fiona Powell29-09-14  7:24 pm
Carriage DriverLibby Castle23-09-14  3:44 pm
Nationals - Thank you!Daniel Snow21-09-14  11:20 pm
Championship Driver InformationJane Wilson15-09-14  1:09 pm
HDT marathon time calculatorCarole Redgrave13-09-14  10:12 pm
Trade Stand At OlympiaJames Broome10-09-14  2:35 pm
I have to ask... Bling?Christine Twigg8-09-14  6:55 pm
Thanks SamPatti Atkinson6-09-14  7:50 am
Competancy certificateFiona Powell3-09-14  8:19 am
WEG driving Team GBDebbie Tatton1-09-14  1:46 pm
Weight of CarriagesMike Watts28-08-14  6:10 pm
National Championship entriesPatti Atkinson26-08-14  3:20 pm
WEG Hotel RoomsSimon Heath25-08-14  11:29 pm
IDEAL HARNESS?Fiona Powell23-08-14  11:14 pm
Surrey to yorkshireJoe Hodgson22-08-14  2:42 pm
BYD in PolandLorna Ingram21-08-14  10:53 am
Blandingsavril munson18-08-14  7:06 am
Travel to Budapest - Single World ChampionshipsPatti Atkinson13-08-14  6:42 pm
Exp back step required for the next Windsor eventLibby Castle13-08-14  9:45 am
Training topic! !Janet Pilling11-08-14  11:34 am
Horse Pairs World ChampionshipsLouise McCutcheon6-08-14  10:58 pm
Blandings Farm 16th / 17th August 2014Louise Garget5-08-14  10:05 am
Backstepper needed for Blandings EACDGDiana Irwin2-08-14  11:44 am
Sandrigham club trialsLorna Ingram1-08-14  3:59 pm
Ashfields arena eventavril munson21-07-14  10:17 pm
Horsebox Insurance and Breakdown CoverJulie Morrisroe18-07-14  9:50 am
Display at the CLA Game FairColette Finch14-07-14  10:24 pm
King of ConesCarole Redgrave10-07-14  9:27 am
Dress Susan Munroe9-07-14  8:33 pm
New Line carriagesSusan Munroe9-07-14  8:07 pm
SandringhamLorna Ingram1-07-14  12:19 pm
Sandringham resultsMike Watts30-06-14  1:50 pm
Just a quick thank you.diane hogben30-06-14  12:11 pm
The best thing to clean a carriage?Joe Hodgson29-06-14  10:16 am
Sandringham Event to Event onsite printingEvelyn Radnai27-06-14  11:04 am
Extra wide saddle Barbara McPhillips24-06-14  6:03 pm
Sandringham Jack in a BoxFrances Collings23-06-14  8:56 pm
BC ForumMike Watts17-06-14  7:52 am
Who has an Oakley Horsebox?Hamish Reid11-06-14  9:19 am
Good luck and well done so far to all GB competitors at Saumur!Jane Wilson7-06-14  11:25 am
Funding the Erddig National ChampionshipsJane Wilson6-06-14  8:37 am
Elveden!Fiona Powell2-06-14  2:00 pm
On behalf of Jan Grimble...Frances Collings2-06-14  9:17 am
EACDG Elveden, 31 May, dressage & cones groom wanted?Fiona Powell30-05-14  7:55 am
Drivers in my area ....?Shelley fuller28-05-14  10:45 am
Marathon timesFiona Powell25-05-14  11:00 pm
Training yards in HertfordshireSam H19-05-14  12:49 pm
Getting my card signed.Fiona Powell19-05-14  12:47 pm
Horses need help...Fiona Powell17-05-14  9:15 am
Elveden 2 day eventLorna Ingam13-05-14  5:46 pm
PLEASE HELP. Need info on certain tack e.c.tJoe Hodgson9-05-14  11:00 pm
Driving Horses by Stallion GribaldiChristine Twigg29-04-14  5:58 pm
Brits in Horst Heather Clark27-04-14  10:38 am
AshfieldsKerry saunders23-04-14  8:16 pm
Correct turnout?Stef Nuttall12 17-04-14  9:12 pm
Frnch HDT InvitationRita Bundock16-04-14  8:03 pm
2014 RulesGuy Benest15-04-14  11:17 pm
Spam - idsMike Watts6-04-14  10:05 pm
Transport needed.Martyn Willis2-04-14  8:19 pm
Schedules & Entry FormsMary Kusin29-03-14  10:34 am
STOLENPamela Donaldson28-03-14  10:16 pm
Light trade turnoutWendy Nix27-03-14  6:29 pm
Club dressage judges clinicJames Rooney22-03-14  10:57 am
When is a Novice a NoviceGeorge Wood19-03-14  8:47 pm
WEGVicky Brennan10-03-14  10:11 pm
Head camsJoe Hodgson7-03-14  8:11 pm
Horse & Carriage manager Erddig Julie Hoskyns24-02-14  4:50 pm
Back stepper/GroomStephen Trebble19-02-14  9:22 pm
Airedale Harnesses?Fiona Powell17-02-14  2:33 pm
EACDG Conference 1st March Lyn Price5-02-14  9:49 am
Missing fundsFrances Collings21 4-02-14  8:22 pm
Request for Driving FootageChristopher Priestle31-01-14  10:05 pm
Zilco HarnessBarbara Nadin26-01-14  10:49 am
Backsteppers TrainingBarbara Nadin26-01-14  10:46 am
Which testKerry saunders25-01-14  8:04 pm
Be a Blogger!James Broome24-01-14  2:12 pm
Driving an Arab! Claire Renwick12-01-14  7:30 pm
Wheel refurbCaroline Court11-01-14  10:32 pm
14.2hh Black Sec D for saleJackie Ellis7-01-14  10:20 pm
Silhouette imageSam H5-01-14  7:09 pm
Stolen wagonElaine Ann Brown.11 4-01-14  6:02 pm
Cheval Liberte TrailersHamilton Males13 2-01-14  11:59 pm
Wagon v's TrailerCaroline Court1-01-14  7:30 pm
Planning for next season :-)...Lesley Bagley-Shella31-12-13  10:05 am
Driving BeginnerBrian Cairns29-12-13  6:43 pm
OlympiaGeorgina Hunt21-12-13  12:54 am
Waterproof exercise sheetsSioux Gardner14-12-13  9:08 pm
Driving CalendarVic Kusin10-12-13  3:59 pm
Extension Identification Help Please!David Lawson9-12-13  11:29 am
For consideration of Open Single Horse Class 2013Jeff Bannister5-12-13  7:37 am
Advanced Single Horse Class Jeff Bannister5-12-13  7:31 am
Mileage counter for carriagesVic Kusin4-12-13  1:20 pm
New Dates 2014Joe Hodgson19-11-13  7:30 pm
Stable matslinda sumpner13-11-13  8:19 pm
AGMDiane Phillips12-11-13  5:37 pm
AGMMike Brown11-11-13  1:57 pm
BC AGMLouise McCutcheon10-11-13  9:44 pm
Pony WorldsCarole Redgrave19 4-11-13  1:56 pm
Extreme Driving 25th OctoberDean Shelton1-11-13  7:53 am
3% increace in BC feesMartyn Willis28-10-13  3:01 pm
Edmund GoodwinRita Bundock26-10-13  12:24 pm
HELPRosemary Neale25-10-13  3:10 pm
What bit do you drive in?Kathleen Upsall17-10-13  9:52 am
Driving's in Horse & Hound's top ten!Fiona Powell9-10-13  1:11 pm
Sausage boot strapsJenny Bawden26-09-13  6:58 pm
Wooden wheel repairsSioux Gardner23-09-13  7:17 pm
CARRIAGE OPINIONSDaniel Snow23-09-13  5:09 pm
Boyd Exell drives the winning clear round, AshfieldsFiona Powell23-09-13  9:07 am
Tip-upsDaniel Snow22-09-13  9:10 pm
Tips on how to find the right ponyR Marshall12 21-09-13  1:59 pm
EscrickJoe Hodgson17-09-13  8:58 am
Stewards giftsLorna Ingam16-09-13  12:17 pm
Advise on bits pleaseSue Bushell16-09-13  11:00 am
Opinions please- king of the ConesNicolette Hughes10-09-13  3:58 pm
Consistent Inconsistency of Dressage JudgingDaniel Snow7-09-13  7:09 pm
STOLEN VEHICLECaroline Court7-09-13  2:25 pm
RulesDouglas Strachan6-09-13  11:26 am
Dressage and marathon times and spectatorsDavid Taylor2-09-13  9:29 pm
World Pairs TopolciankyJoe Hodgson2-09-13  9:09 pm
Ashfields National ChampionshipsJulia Crockford2-09-13  9:52 am
Do You Know Rascal?Janette Cheadle31-08-13  10:53 pm
Barry CapstickGeoff Kay31-08-13  7:32 pm
World Pairs ELJoe Hodgson31-08-13  12:51 pm
Can you help re. tranport?Alan Beverley29-08-13  5:50 pm
Groom and Dalmatian Would Like to Help!Jenny Bawden27-08-13  10:01 am
Equine virusJenny Bawden27-08-13  9:50 am
Rule clarification?Lin Marshall25-08-13  5:39 pm
Best obstacle for trainingJoe Hodgson24-08-13  1:50 pm
Raehills Event & Lowther Event 2014Joe Hodgson23-08-13  3:05 pm
Stamina and FitnessStef Nuttall10 22-08-13  11:17 pm
Anyone got any tips?Diane Phillips21-08-13  6:03 pm
Lowther 2013Georgina Hunt20-08-13  11:30 pm
ObstaclesJoe Hodgson20-08-13  8:53 pm
Lowther Joan Goodwin20-08-13  11:09 am
Post Polio SyndromeJanet Williams20-08-13  8:44 am
Dates for next years competitionsJane Isaac19-08-13  4:59 pm
Blandings helpSteph Richards16-08-13  1:22 pm
King of the ConesCarole Redgrave15-08-13  4:08 pm
Lowther resultsJanice Gorick12-08-13  1:33 am
Thanks for helpMarilyn Harding6-08-13  9:32 pm
Biteless Bridle or no blinkersStef Nuttall12 5-08-13  11:23 pm
Dumbing Down For "Marathon" read "Picnic Drive"Stef Nuttall24 5-08-13  10:49 pm
WIndor Park Regoinal 17/18th AugustDiane Phillips3-08-13  10:00 pm
Seamless/liquid rubber matting?Goldie Francis2-08-13  9:03 am
Rules and regulationsdiane hogben30-07-13  8:12 am
Normanhurst POST CODERita Bundock29-07-13  9:11 pm
Jack in a Box at Goodwooddiane hogben29-07-13  8:21 am
REDENHAM PARKJulia Crockford25-07-13  11:31 am
Wonky tandemMarilyn Harding24-07-13  10:01 pm
NORMANHURST ENTRIESRita Bundock19-07-13  11:47 am
Info for driving holiday needed urgently pleaseJenny Bawden18-07-13  8:11 pm
Photos from CattonMartyn Willis18-07-13  7:23 pm
Catton timetable, news,results?Janice Gorick14 18-07-13  3:31 am
SOS - Anyone have a 4 wheel carriage I can borrow?Lesley Bagley-Shella17-07-13  4:42 pm
Timber removalsWendy Peckham12-07-13  11:30 am
Practicing in the field.Wendy Peckham12-07-13  11:19 am
StopwatchesMike Watts11-07-13  8:14 pm
One for Mike Watts ..I think !Janet Sycamore9-07-13  8:37 am
Think I have had my arm twisted to do Normanshurst!!Christopher Priestle14 8-07-13  5:25 pm
Hmmm. Had a bit of an accident!!!diane hogben13 7-07-13  6:07 pm
NORMANHURST VENUE ENTRANCERita Bundock7-07-13  4:56 pm
Breaking to harnessLindsay Spalding 5-07-13  8:38 pm
Help pleaseJanet Sycamore3-07-13  11:27 am
Having fun at CHDTA event Obstacle 5Janet Williams3-07-13  9:48 am
Sandringham Sue Bushell2-07-13  10:53 pm
Promoting BRITISH CarriagedrivingChristopher Priestle1-07-13  7:51 pm
AachenGeorgina Hunt30-06-13  11:10 am
Groom/Backstepper - Indoor/OutdoorCaroline Carter25-06-13  9:28 am
What do you wear in dressage?Kathleen Upsall11 24-06-13  10:38 pm
Dressage groom neededFriday Sandringham & CattonDiana Irwin23-06-13  1:36 pm
Team GB T ShirtRita McGregor19-06-13  7:54 pm
Transfer SectionMike Watts18-06-13  8:45 pm
Thankyou MDTG!Caroline Gill17-06-13  12:04 pm
Weald Harness Club Drive todaydiane hogben16-06-13  8:21 pm
Knackered ShaftsAnne Dickens15-06-13  11:25 pm
First club driveLesley Bagley-Shella15-06-13  8:23 pm
Where to buy cones?Janet Williams12-06-13  9:42 pm
Raehills Event 26/28 JulyLouise McCutcheon11-06-13  8:27 pm
A lesson tomorrow!Kathleen Upsall8-06-13  9:01 pm
Pairs world champsDiane Phillips7-06-13  6:57 pm
CARRIAGE DRIVING QUIZSue Bushell5-06-13  6:21 pm
Where can I get BC Pre-Novice 2013 dressage test?diane hogben5-06-13  6:11 pm
How does it work when you only do section E in a comp?Fiona Powell5-06-13  12:40 pm
Stables at SandringhamFrances Collings4-06-13  9:34 pm
Marathon groom wantedKate Adams3-06-13  8:13 pm
What do you tow with?Sue Baldock3-06-13  2:46 pm
Gladys DaleJill Holah31-05-13  8:59 am
Strengthening rear springs on 3 phase carriageJoe Hodgson27-05-13  7:23 pm
Livery/small yard wantedNatasha Blackwell27-05-13  11:41 am
Club Level one day events.Ruth Auton27-05-13  2:59 am
Wrong place!!!jo smith24-05-13  4:14 pm
I want to practice!Fiona Powell23-05-13  9:11 am
Back/Body ProtectorsDaniel Snow21-05-13  2:59 pm
Elveden EventCaroline Gill20-05-13  8:43 pm
JOHN GARLICK. Where are you?Margaret Brockie18-05-13  9:12 pm
Elveden - whip collection - please ! Linda King14-05-13  9:22 pm
Bridle/Saddle Number holderDiane Phillips14-05-13  3:28 pm
Elveden stewards gifts Fiona Powell14-05-13  12:00 pm
Royal Windsor Video'sVicky Brennan14-05-13  12:08 am
First competition tomorrow!Caroline Court11-05-13  9:05 pm
Dressage teacher in south eastBrian Cairns10-05-13  8:36 pm
Promoting driving - and a free day out!Fiona Powell4-05-13  8:51 am
Harness Identity! SAFETYpeter hilton2-05-13  9:15 am
Transporting a carriageGillian Booth1-05-13  11:08 am
Can One Judge 54 tests over 10 hours?Jacqui Clarke30-04-13  9:46 pm
First go at off road!!diane hogben26-04-13  8:57 pm
Eacdg ashfields 2 day eventMaxine Ingham23-04-13  11:35 am
HazardsLouise Garnham23-04-13  11:29 am
Carraige FairJames Campbell21-04-13  10:07 pm
Drove him again last night, trying to stay positive!!Lindsay Spalding 19-04-13  7:57 pm
So, a much improved drive last night!!diane hogben18-04-13  7:50 am
Garmin Wrist gpsWendy Wyatt16-04-13  6:17 pm
Stewards giftsLorna Ingam15-04-13  11:32 pm
Newbie driver questions!Ginny White14-04-13  8:18 pm
Towing caravansGeorge Wood12-04-13  10:52 am
I have done it!! YAY!!!Lesley Bagley-Shella11-04-13  7:36 pm
Backstepper for nationalsTracey Fletcher8-04-13  2:09 pm
British CarriagedrivingNicolette Hughes8-04-13  10:07 am
I think I have got the bug!!!Alan Beverley8-04-13  7:35 am
Carriage driving in Thetford ForestCaroline Phillips7-04-13  8:18 pm
Carriage driving magazineJoe Hodgson6-04-13  8:00 pm
British Carriagedriving dead or alive?Brian Cairns47 1-04-13  7:34 pm
Genesis Carriages, Weddings & FuneralsJoe Hodgson30-03-13  10:20 pm
European Breakdown CoverHelen Hughes27-03-13  10:34 am
Losing Windsor for our ChampionshipsBryan Gauson27-03-13  2:19 am
TransportAlan Beverley24-03-13  3:56 pm
BHDTA membershipBHDTA Office5-03-13  12:42 pm
Stow - transportClare Iveagh1-03-13  8:32 am
Junior Camp at StowLinda King28-02-13  3:51 pm
Thank youFiona Powell25-02-13  8:43 pm
International Drivingsport CongressMartyn Willis23-02-13  8:21 am
Side stabling questions???Vicky Brennan11-02-13  8:10 pm
Volunteering with the BHDTA counts towards the Young Equestrian Lea...Rosanna W-Symons 11-02-13  6:24 pm
Bedford CarriagesRosemary Neale11-02-13  2:06 pm
Transporting a vehicleJackie Ellis7-02-13  5:12 pm
SWOT Analysis updateWendy Peckham6-02-13  4:12 pm
Which is more likely?Janet Pilling5-02-13  1:52 pm
World Cup Finals at BordeauxLouise McCutcheon5-02-13  11:17 am
Driving/weatherPatti Atkinson31-01-13  12:10 pm
Does anyone here drive an Exmoor?Marilyn Harding29-01-13  9:10 pm
45mm Buckle Snap Shackle Frances Collings29-01-13  2:50 pm
BHDTA YearbookCarole Redgrave28-01-13  6:56 pm
Sledging four in hand at speed!!Joe Hodgson24-01-13  10:34 pm
Horse fitness programs...Kathleen Upsall23-01-13  4:16 pm
Horse breedsMARTIN PINK23-01-13  2:56 pm
Your photos wanted for Inharness readers' gallery, please!Fiona Powell22-01-13  3:06 pm
Stuck for something to do on a snowy weekend?Heather Clark19-01-13  11:29 am
Membership discountsJackie Ellis18-01-13  9:01 am
SWOT DiscussionPatti Atkinson18-01-13  7:45 am
Breaking to driveAsha Appleton14-01-13  3:48 pm
Standing Presentation for Novices DriversLouise McCutcheon13-01-13  11:47 am
Photos at Sandringham?Peter Bond17 10-01-13  6:38 pm
Driving bits?marion edwards6-01-13  11:59 am
Can you support our Areas BHDTA and British Young Drivers recruitme...Emily Ham5-01-13  11:03 pm
NewLorna Ingam5-01-13  7:12 pm
Membership query pleaseJoe Hodgson3-01-13  11:28 pm
Rider needed newmarket areaJenny Bawden3-01-13  2:36 pm
British Scurry&Trials DrivingCarole Davenport2-01-13  6:44 pm
Increasing numbers of interested peoplepeter edwards30-12-12  2:02 pm
Hipeter edwards30-12-12  10:06 am
Bolting in the cartpeter edwards30-12-12  9:56 am
Extreme Driving at Olympiapeter edwards14 30-12-12  9:46 am
OlympiaTerry Logan22-12-12  10:34 am
Daniel Naprous on Radio 2Diane Phillips19-12-12  1:13 pm
Hugh SB and Southern Spinal Injuries TrustMartyn Willis18-12-12  9:41 am
Friday - Radio 2 'Drive Time'CHRIS ORCHARD17-12-12  1:41 pm
East Anglian Carriage Driving Group surveyFiona Powell17-12-12  11:14 am
Fire resistant rugs?Marilyn Harding16-12-12  4:49 pm
Options for storing a carriage outdoors???Vicky Brennan15-12-12  6:03 pm
We Need Your HelpPatti Atkinson9-12-12  8:03 am
YouTube Videos of Carriage Driving from 23 years ago.Christopher Priestle8-12-12  6:11 pm
Christmas Present IdeasFrances Collings7-12-12  5:32 pm
Forestry commission permits. Donna TROT6-12-12  12:58 pm
Addington team knock outMarilyn Harding5-12-12  7:33 pm
Survey to improve horse and carriage driver safety on the roads in ...Janet Williams3-12-12  8:49 pm
Carriage Transport Required Vicky Brennan29-11-12  10:30 pm
Jump and driveRuth Auton25-11-12  8:42 pm
Quick release shackles. Frances Collings16 24-11-12  12:29 pm
Carriage driving Equitana AustraliaJanice Gorick24-11-12  12:34 am
Livery in Newmarket and surrounding areaJenny Bawden22-11-12  1:37 pm
Engish in FranceFiona Powell22-11-12  9:20 am
What are the rulesKathleen Upsall22-11-12  8:34 am
AGMHeather Clark21-11-12  8:04 pm
Young Drivers at OlympiaGinny White20-11-12  6:49 pm
Well Done Dan Naprous......and all that bet on him!DEBORAH DANIEL19-11-12  9:26 pm
Thank you.Kathleen Upsall18-11-12  12:17 pm
British Carriage Driving. BC. ???Margo Smith118 17-11-12  10:18 am
New FEI Rules 2013.Nicolette Hughes16-11-12  2:41 pm
Jock McFarlaneMartyn Willis16-11-12  8:57 am
To the Candidates.......Martyn Willis15-11-12  5:41 pm
This might make interesting readingTabe Annema8-11-12  10:30 am
World Singles 2014Patti Atkinson7-11-12  2:51 pm
OlympiaDiane Phillips7-11-12  1:48 pm
Rudall's Round-Up on Horse and Country TVJackie Herd6-11-12  1:15 pm
Your Horse Live- an opportunity?Wendy Peckham5-11-12  6:24 pm
Horse breaking/training in south eastLesley Bagley-Shella31-10-12  9:52 pm
Carriage weightsDebbie Tatton31-10-12  5:36 pm
Dressage test 11?Vic Kusin29-10-12  5:40 pm
Finances of the BHDTA and National EventsGinny White21 26-10-12  9:52 pm
ProxyGeoff Kay25-10-12  12:27 pm
Learning to driveMatt Were22-10-12  4:46 pm
Dual reins ???Tabe Annema22-10-12  8:17 am
Goodwood eventViki Edmondson19-10-12  12:26 pm
Erddig- another one bites the dust!Mike Lawson18-10-12  9:11 pm
Barefoot bootsAnne Dickens18-10-12  9:51 am
Australia Driving events?LilyAllen17-10-12  9:14 am
Probable Dumbing Down of the MarathonDavid Taylor35 14-10-12  11:19 pm
ElectionsPaul Phillips13-10-12  4:22 pm
ConferenceCarole Redgrave11-10-12  9:23 am
Anti tail swishjackie parkinson8-10-12  7:45 am
Tabe Annema Harnessmaker - recommendation!Viki Edmondson7-10-12  7:38 pm
Tyre sealantMike Lawson2-10-12  10:33 pm
ConesGuy Benest2-10-12  10:05 pm
“ONE double clear in Arena 1! Enough said”.Daniel Snow1-10-12  8:48 pm
Novice question ...steve young27-09-12  12:06 pm
Dalmeny Kathleen Upsall24-09-12  10:50 pm
2012 conference at AddingtonVic Kusin24-09-12  1:35 pm
Dalmeny this weekendKathleen Upsall20-09-12  9:55 pm
Nat Champs SweatshirtsNational Championshi20-09-12  3:40 pm
FEI World Singles ChampionshipsLouise McCutcheon11 19-09-12  5:34 pm
The Bowmans in Calgary!jane brignall19-09-12  4:57 pm
Single world champsDiane Phillips19-09-12  12:30 pm
Carriage driving near Stonehenge (Salisbury), WiltsLesley Bagley-Shella12 18-09-12  7:28 pm
Lowther 2013Joe Hodgson16-09-12  9:27 pm
Hartland HELP!Julie Hoskyns15-09-12  12:54 pm
Thank You's for WindsorCarole Redgrave11-09-12  7:15 am
Thank YouJanet Pilling10-09-12  3:19 pm
World Horse Fours, ReisenbeckFiona Powell10-09-12  12:17 pm
Para Drivers win Team Bronze at World ChampionshipsSioux Gardner8-09-12  9:14 pm
WindsorVic Kusin7-09-12  3:35 pm
Bomans in Calgaryjane brignall5-09-12  9:30 pm
NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPSNational Championshi3-09-12  9:21 am
EACDG Championships, Ashfields, 15-16 SeptemberFiona Powell2-09-12  8:28 pm
Raehills eventLinda Rose2-09-12  12:14 pm
Groom Wanted - AUSTRALIA!Kim Filmer2-09-12  9:17 am
Strange goings on a Breda?Jane Wilson1-09-12  9:41 pm
NEW colourful cross-country boots - & prize draw...Fiona Powell29-08-12  11:04 pm
Have you some spare time on Saturday - 1 September?Fiona Powell29-08-12  11:04 pm
StewardsJulia Crockford28-08-12  2:17 pm
Para World ChampionshipsViki Edmondson27-08-12  11:28 pm
Add extending axles - viable?Fiona Powell25-08-12  9:08 am
Whips! Kathleen Upsall21-08-12  11:24 pm
Housing your pony at nationalJoe Hodgson11 20-08-12  4:51 pm
Erddig - Lost PropertyEileen Cornish18-08-12  6:14 pm
Is this classed as a training aid?Joe Hodgson14-08-12  11:57 pm
Where to get a 4" driving bit please?Janet Sycamore14-08-12  3:51 pm
Stabling at junior nationalsNicolette Hughes13-08-12  9:34 pm
Novice Dressage TestMARTIN PINK13-08-12  5:40 pm
Erddig Marathon RouteJane Wilson12-08-12  7:44 pm
CHDTG Henbury Driving Trials Aug 25/26th 2012Carole Redgrave12-08-12  6:25 pm
ErddigCarole Redgrave12-08-12  6:04 pm
Accommodation wanted for pony, carriage and people in New ForestKelly Stewart9-08-12  12:32 pm
Weald harness clubDebbie Tatton7-08-12  6:33 pm
Chester Driving Trials Group Charity WeekendCarole Redgrave6-08-12  10:32 am
Young Drivers Camp, AshfieldsCaroline Gill5-08-12  9:55 pm
Erddig NationalsKen Mumford2-08-12  7:30 pm
Onley & WidmerpoolWendy Peckham31-07-12  8:53 am
Anybody need stabling for Erddig trials?Laura & Janet Vicker26-07-12  9:53 pm
Erddig TrophiesEileen Cornish24-07-12  9:33 pm
ADVANCED SINGLE HORSE 2013 QUALIFIER at WindsorNational Championshi24-07-12  4:28 pm
Pre order your National Championships shirtsNational Championshi23-07-12  8:30 pm
Raehills Regional Natonal Event 25th and 26th August 2012Geoff Atkins22-07-12  7:33 am
Beekbergen...Vic Kusin21-07-12  8:05 pm
Stolen ZGB!Nicolette Hughes18-07-12  11:38 am
HELP NEEDEDSioux Gardner17-07-12  10:37 pm
Pairs drivingAnne Dickens17-07-12  10:34 pm
National ChampionshipsRita Bundock17-07-12  8:54 pm
St Fort National - Back ON!!Philip Brown17-07-12  8:51 pm
Erddig Special Trophies - Information neededEileen Cornish17-07-12  10:46 am
Calling Oz!!Janice Gorick16-07-12  9:01 am
Daniel NaprousDot Willcoxson15-07-12  6:45 pm
Junior Team GB!Linda Rose15-07-12  2:11 pm
FEI European Championship - Juniors Fiona Powell15-07-12  9:21 am
ICKD Junior World TrophyDot Willcoxson15-07-12  8:29 am
Alan Clarke... updateDeano Smith13-07-12  7:34 am
Desperately seeking ................ Simon Heath13-07-12  5:20 am
BYD Team BLOGJames Campbell12-07-12  9:05 pm
Aachen VideosTerry Logan9-07-12  3:40 pm
Windsor ODEDebbie Tatton9-07-12  11:10 am
GroomDeano Smith9-07-12  7:21 am
Another Brit is photo of the weekMartyn Willis8-07-12  10:47 pm
A question about horse boxes Gillian Booth7-07-12  8:51 pm
CattonJulie Hoskyns6-07-12  11:09 pm
ICKD Junior World Trophy WEBSITEJoe Hodgson5-07-12  10:55 pm
Erddig - Stena Freight Ferry ConcessionsEileen Cornish4-07-12  9:29 am
Erddig Local Stabling Eileen Cornish4-07-12  9:24 am
Trailer for governess cart/ trapPat Cooper3-07-12  10:25 pm
Cones WantedLinda King3-07-12  6:42 pm
Lessons and driving showing - help!Joe Hodgson3-07-12  2:57 pm
ALAN CLARKDean Shelton2-07-12  6:54 pm
Any events planned for 14/15 April 2013?Joe Hodgson2-07-12  2:30 pm
SandringhamJanice Gorick2-07-12  1:24 am
ANY OLD CONESMargaret Brockie27-06-12  9:24 pm
Ifor Williams 510 size for carriage and ponyRuby Ashby26-06-12  9:08 pm
Help and advice pleaseguest25-06-12  7:47 pm
BitTrevor Wear24-06-12  4:07 pm
Looped reinsLiz Ostacchini23-06-12  9:43 pm
Freelance groom Michael holmes 23-06-12  12:50 pm
Rubber tyre coming looseFiona Powell22-06-12  11:14 pm
CARRIAGE REPAIRSMartyn Willis22-06-12  12:06 pm
Carriage driving HolidaysSam H20-06-12  1:31 pm
Newnham 2012 - thank you for another great event!Frances Collings19-06-12  10:26 pm
Small electric fence energisersSiobhain Fletcher18-06-12  8:58 am
Advice on trailer extensionsRuby Ashby17 17-06-12  7:26 pm
See Jo Attenborough at SaumurFiona Powell17-06-12  9:23 am
Photos from EACDG ElvedenFiona Powell16-06-12  8:33 am
THANK YOU EVERYONE!Rita Bundock15-06-12  10:00 pm Photos from ElvendenMalcolm Parnell14-06-12  8:24 pm
Elveden Driving Trials PhotosColin Allison11-06-12  7:30 pm
Raehills Regional Natonal Event 25th and 26th August 2012Geoff Atkins10-06-12  3:03 pm
The Aussies are coming, the Aussies are coming!!Kim Filmer9-06-12  4:07 am
Karen Scott-BarrettFrances Collings11 7-06-12  6:48 pm
Drivers wantedLouise McCutcheon6-06-12  10:58 pm
Help required for driving experiencechris manger5-06-12  7:13 pm
Arena surfacesCaroline Gill4-06-12  10:15 pm
Groom for WindsorJoanna Bassett3-06-12  7:46 pm Photos from BlandingsMalcolm Parnell30-05-12  8:53 pm Photos from BlandingsMalcolm Parnell30-05-12  8:49 pm
Recommend rugs for broad poniesSiobhain Fletcher30-05-12  10:34 am
WORLD FOUR IN HAND CHAMPIONSHIPSSimon Heath29-05-12  10:13 pm
Hopetoun Nic & Libby Castle28-05-12  7:05 pm
Blandings ODE Photos Event to EventEvelyn Radnai28-05-12  5:47 pm
Windsor RegionalEileen Cornish28-05-12  11:09 am
Windsor RegionalDiane Phillips26-05-12  8:25 am
Hopetoun Live ResultsPhilip Brown25-05-12  5:16 pm
Hopetoun 2012 - ProgramMike Watts22-05-12  7:55 am
Hopetoun HDT Nic & Libby Castle21-05-12  8:37 pm
Question ... bitDot Willcoxson10 21-05-12  4:25 pm
NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPSRita Bundock21-05-12  11:49 am
How do you move yours?James J18-05-12  4:19 pm
Nationals at Ashfelds 2012Fiona Powell18-05-12  9:04 am
A Frame ExtensionRobert Maddams17-05-12  1:57 pm
Dressage Times for Hopetoun National HDTJane Isaac17-05-12  1:44 pm
Offchurch Event - MDTG- June 9th & 10thRuth Auton16-05-12  10:32 pm
Trip to Hungary - help please.Patti Atkinson16-05-12  10:27 pm
Year book?Kim Usher12 16-05-12  2:10 pm
Ashfields National 2012 PhotosMalcolm Parnell16-05-12  1:57 pm
Royal Windsor VideosHeather Clark15-05-12  1:37 pm
Royal WindsorChristopher Priestle13-05-12  7:44 am
Weather affecting events?Guy Benest10-05-12  5:07 pm
Royal Windsor driving results and timetableMike Watts10-05-12  1:58 pm
Discover your horse "Inside Out", 7pm, Sunday 13 May, SuffolkFiona Powell8-05-12  9:09 pm
BHDTA conference 2012James Broome8-05-12  6:49 pm
Northumberland to Houptounmark vickers8-05-12  10:58 am
Driving Instruction in SussexFrances Collings6-05-12  9:26 pm
2012 national Live results?Carole Redgrave6-05-12  11:20 am
MDTG Catton ParkWendy Peckham1-05-12  4:00 pm
Victorian Sheffield coachman's tool by Joseph Rodgers & Sons? Vic Kusin30-04-12  9:38 pm
Not Entered Yet?????Diane Phillips29-04-12  4:51 pm
Southern Club ClinicMike Watts29-04-12  1:53 pm
Brits abroadDaniel Snow28-04-12  4:36 pm
Aussie carriage drivers in the pink!!Janice Gorick28-04-12  11:15 am
Archie-Before&After.Janet&Laura Vickers27-04-12  8:51 pm
How do I calculate times for the marathon sections?Fiona Powell26-04-12  9:03 am
Groom and all round helper wanted Di Hayes23-04-12  7:39 pm
Start feesChristine Twigg22-04-12  7:21 pm
Groom wanted for dressage & cones Ashfields Saturday 21 April, plea...Fiona Powell20-04-12  11:16 am
Help in exchange for gaining experienceCarole Redgrave20-04-12  11:15 am
Your driving photo's are needed please..Joe Hodgson19-04-12  9:34 pm
How do you fit 14.2 and 4 wheel in a treble horse trailer?Asha Appleton12 18-04-12  9:02 pm
Remembering a dressage test!!Joe Hodgson18-04-12  12:02 am
Brockham Carriage FairTerry Logan17-04-12  6:48 pm
Anyone need a backstepper for Escrick Park?Kathleen Upsall17-04-12  12:52 pm
BHC Carriage Driving FairViki Edmondson16-04-12  11:15 pm
VolunteeringLouise McCutcheon15-04-12  3:29 pm
DRIVING SHARER WANTED (North West Kent)Lesley Bagley-Shella14-04-12  12:01 pm
G8 HDT / GB HDTMartyn Willis13-04-12  5:23 pm
Australian National Championships report & photosFiona Powell12-04-12  8:15 am
Driving Tuition in Return for HelpPhillip Reeves11-04-12  10:13 pm
Back Stepper wanted for Pony Team at Ashfields CHRIS ORCHARD10-04-12  9:07 pm
Getting pony fitJoe Hodgson10-04-12  8:46 pm
Thankyou Crinkly Camp!Diana Hoult10-04-12  10:35 am
One day club event at Ashfields!avril munson10-04-12  9:42 am
Wanted - 61cms head, with driver or backstepper attachedFrances Collings7-04-12  8:10 pm
Driving without blinkersBarbara McPhillips3-04-12  9:33 am
Start fees and Entry FeesGemma Smith13 2-04-12  1:25 pm
Indoor Finals videosJane Wilson1-04-12  7:26 pm
Ridden schooling for driving??Kathleen Upsall1-04-12  6:37 pm
FEI Announce World Tandem ChampionshipsChristopher Priestle1-04-12  8:50 am
What Boots do you use while driving?Janet Pilling30-03-12  11:25 am
Intermediate ClassesJill Holah27-03-12  11:18 am
CLUB JUDGES CLINIC SKIPTONMargaret Brockie21-03-12  6:46 pm
Help with exercisingDavid Taylor19-03-12  10:57 pm
STOLEN - WBR 3 phase black and silverMike Watts19-03-12  8:50 am
Front Brakes on CarriageJanet Pilling18 19-03-12  8:45 am
National event schedulesJane Isaac18-03-12  3:22 pm
Body/Back ProtectorsDanielle Twitchen25 12-03-12  6:16 pm
Can you help?Alice Pritchard11-03-12  10:19 am
Prince Philip pictures pleaseMandy Elder7-03-12  12:35 pm
Terminology QuestionDeilina Bishop5-03-12  6:31 am
NewbieWendy Peckham1-03-12  9:49 am
Horse Pairs driversLouise McCutcheon29-02-12  10:01 pm
Exercise classes judges adviceJoe Hodgson29-02-12  7:03 pm
Is anyone going to Reading Carriage Sales?Christine Twigg29-02-12  8:58 am
Carriage driving magazineTabe Annema22-02-12  7:49 am
CHDTG AGMGuy Benest19-02-12  10:03 am
Steel toe cap bootsChristopher Priestle18-02-12  1:04 pm
AachenSteph Richards18-02-12  9:07 am
Arena adviceSue Bushell12-02-12  4:51 pm
Which whipFrances Collings12-02-12  12:32 pm
If you want to complete the driving safety survey...?Fiona Powell3-02-12  3:06 pm
High withered horsesKaren Scott-Barrett23-01-12  1:49 pm
Advice needed for a pony harness pleaseFiona Powell22-01-12  2:34 pm
Open Single Drivers Urgent Re Test for 2012Cathy Willis19-01-12  9:05 pm
Jack Collinson has Died Steph Brumwell18-01-12  2:30 pm
Very interesting Job in LondonLiz Ostacchini18-01-12  12:41 pm
Carriage driving safety survey - open to everyoneFiona Powell10 13-01-12  6:52 pm
Charity DriveCaroline Phillips13-01-12  11:39 am
Winter Clinic at Catton ParkWendy Peckham13-01-12  10:07 am
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